Thursday, October 11, 2012


We had a lovely visit with our friends Ben and Lil in September.  We talked a LOT, cooked a little, went out to dinner twice and brunch once, and talked even more.       They usually arrive in August for the State Fair, but this year they were later, heading for points West and then their Winter home in Texas.   Last I heard, when a big box arrived for Sweetpea on Tuesday, they were still in New Mexico, enjoying the sights and cuisine.
They are of the  Never Arrive Empty-Handed persuasion, and this time, it was a whole satchelful of home-made preserves---all from trees and brambles in their gardens---some of the golden honey from their hives, and even a cake-in-a-jar (large jar in the foreground holds a lemon-poppyseed cake, sealed at the moment the jar came from the oven---a new thing to me).
Above trove includes White Fig Preserves, Blackberry Preserves, Golden Raspberry Preserves, Blueberry Jam, Honey, Cake, and a jar of the Preserved Turkey Figs.   We'd had a little canning session last year on their visit, and I must say---pupils have FAR surpassed teacher on this one. 
And I could certainly use a photography-and-posting course, as well.   These pictures have flipped more times than an Ole Miss Cheerleader, and STILL I cannot get them right. 
Honey, Golden Raspberry, Preserved Turkey Figs.

Ben and Lil must have about twelve green thumbs between them, and their energy and talents in the kitchen are amazing.    The day last year that we three got into my kitchen and turned out Five loaves of Zucchini-Blueberry-Pecan bread and canned I-don't-know-how-many jars of Fig Preserves, and STILL made it to a late lunch WAY across the state and an afternoon at a Flea Market (edited to add I'd forgotten that we also came home and canned an equal number of Preserved Figs that evening) was one to remember.

We've already sampled several of these delicious goodies, as WELL AS a bag of their Home-Candied Figs which rival any confiture in Paris.   These wonderful sweeties will brighten the Winter mornings, and many a Cathead Biscuit will sing their praise.


steelersandstartrek said...

I would bet the two of them could grow palm trees in Alaska and pineapples on asphalt.

The put-ups look gorgeous, and you just KNOW they must be delish! Lucky you for the visit AND the vittles!

Jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Hi Rachel, first I want to let you know that Claudie had her surgery and it all went very well. Ten plus hours to straighten her poor spine. Rods and serious procedures with bone grafts as well. She is in recovery and doing as well or better than expected. This is the third day. Her recovery will be six months to a year. Poor thing. I told her of your concern and prayers. Thank you Rachel.

Your friends sound like wonderful guests. Life is so great when we can share friendships like this. The preserves look delicious. I'd say you taught them well. I love fig preserves. Our friends who had a fig tree lost it last year. It just fell over and died. Sigh!

I hoped you had forgotten that trip to Cuba. I will try to write something. I was only 16 years old.
Give me more time. Smile!

Have a wonderful weekend my friend.
Love, Jeanne

Beverly said...

I'll be over tomorrow morning for a big ole biscuit with honey and a cup of coffee. I'll bring a treat. What would you like?

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi Sweetie! There should be a little icon in the row on top of your photo that has arrows going in a circle...and when you click it...the photo turns..each time you click. At least mine does. It's a pain I know, and I don't know why they get turned like that sometimes, but they do. Mine does it too.
Thank you so much for stopping by.
Your jars of honey look fantastic. What nice goodies to bring you.
And your wreath...I actually swooned when I saw it. It's beautiful.

Kim S. said...

I have my own lovely shelf of jellied jewels from a flying visit before they came out to you all and I’m looking forward to a sweet winter. Slices of those gorgeous preserved figs will be perched on top some good, stinky cheese and crusty bread the first stormy evening. And those candied figs??? Oh, my dear. Heaven. They were the best candied fruit I’ve ever tasted. Did I ever thank you for my introduction?