Friday, April 20, 2012


Some days are a toss-up amongst EEEEEEEK!!   EEEEEEW!!!  and YUMMMMM!!

I guess how we handle them pretty much says WHO WE ARE.

Happy Weekend, Y'all!


  1. Hello Rachel:
    Well, we hope that there is plenty of Yummm and not so much Eeeeeew or Eeeek about your weekend. Knowing your cooking [but, sadly, never having tasted it]we are confident about the Yummmm!!!!

  2. You are too, too kind---and if you could see the state of my HOUSE, you wouldn't eat my cookin' anyway!

    The little tableau is one of the many which have greeted me all these years of coffee-mornings, with myriad cups and creatures, and the fact that there's no deciphering whether Tweety's about to fly for his life or dig right into breakfast gives the whole thing a charming air.

  3. Chris has to put his considerable intelligence to use SOMEhow. Thank goodness he expends it on you!

  4. Hope your weekend is Yummy and Bright!

  5. Cute post! lol The look one the little bird's face is perfect!! :) Oh..Racheld, I think I have burned myself out on the spray pain..AND the apple green. I thought you comment on my post this morning was a hoot! You never, EVER, fail to make me smile and feel good. What a great way to start my day.!
    :)Love and of course a huge hug!

  6. Thank you so much for your visit to my blog. For the crocheted tea cup I starched it with liquid starch from a Dollar General Store. I have heard of sugar water before and your story is just wonderful about your baby sister. Please have a wonderful new week and Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. I hope your weekend was magical! I spent it doing state taxes and catchng up on projects while She wasout of town with Her mother. They are enroute back here from SC today, after 5 days on the road. And I actually have the house clean and dinner ready to heat and serve!

    Have a great Monday.

  8. Good morning Rachel, Thank you so much for your lovely anniversary wishes. We had a wonderful celebration. Your good wishes mean a lot to me.

    Love your adorable yellow breakfast greeters. I am sure the coffee is so much better when you can wake up with a sunny smile just to see them. I bet Chris was at it again to get some squeals of delight from all within your loving home.

    I am frantically trying to thank the PS many good wishes for our anniversary. Since I am long winded this is a job requiring deep focus on my part. HA!

    Have a sunny day.
    Love, Jeanne

  9. What a cheery set...:))
    Hope your day is cheery as well.

  10. Is there a problem Tweety Bird can't solve? I think not.

  11. Hello sweet Rachel
    I'm coming by to say hello. I know it's late, but we were celebrating my cousins 43rd birthday today. Had a wonderful time. Back in my home town. It's always a very long hour drive for some reason. I think because my mom was there, and my thoughts always wonder off. I miss her.
    Is that your regular Tweety cup you drink out of every morning? I have one special pink Starbucks cup that I like, but I love drinking my Starbucks frappuchino right out of the glass bottle. I know classy, lol.
    YES, I'm very excited to be going South. Jeanne is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. I love her like a sister, yet I call her my second mom. Two weeks will fly by. I'm hoping for lovely weather.
    Well dear Rachel, time for these eyes to go to sleep.
    Good night my friend.
    Love Claudie

  12. As long as there is coffee, preferably in a favored cup, there is at least a moment of Yum in the day. Take care, m'dear.

  13. Hi Rachel, There is a drawback with this coffee maker when you have a crowd. It is better yo make a pot. For a few, it is quick and better than coffee that sits in the pot. The other thing to think about is the cost. The K cups are expensive. We get ours from Costco and it is bout 50 cents for every cup. More if you don't shop for buying in bulk. There is a cup included to put your own coffee in to brew. It is a tad slower but less expensive. I consider this coffee on the luxury side. Just a heads up for you to think about my dear friend.

    I always love your comments Rachel.
    xoxoxo, Jeanne

  14. Hi I'm sorry for the delay in my response. My son had an accident, which has pretty much consumed my every waking moment. Slow but sure he's getting up and about. I certainly know what you mean. Each day is a blessing whether we feel it that day or not. Hope your week was in the pink.