Saturday, April 14, 2012


On a morning walk last week, we took the long way round, through neighborhoods seldom traveled save for this time of year.    We make special trips for the splendor of the neighbors’ wonderful redbuds, spreading their rosy glory in the morning light.

Another, more modestly pale cousin down the block:

The Slezaks’ forsythia (forever Yellow-Bell to me, for that’s all I knew as a child) was in splendid array---golden and gleaming like fresh-polished armor:

And ahead lay the prize:  What is called a Tulip Tree in the South, despite our great pride in our own Magnolias.    Ours were always a deeper rose, bordering on mauvish shades, and indeed did look like a great flock of tulips had settled onto the limbs like vibrant tropical birds.   

We looked way down the block, looked again, and saw what appeared to be a great blanket of snowfall, carpeting the lawn and walk and verge for quite some space.   As we approached, we realized that the entire area was covered in a drift of the pale-throated petals, with more swirling down as we watched.

We hesitated, stepped out into the street so as not to tread on such a lavish cover---we half-expected some Fairy Bride to appear with her cortege and walk this momentary, magnificent aisle to her Prince.    

I tried to capture some of the petals as they fell, but neither my skills nor my camera can make me the F-Stop Fitzgerald that Chris is, so my own pictures do not do any image justice.  As we rounded the blocks and turned for home, we DID spy a small Fairy Portal, still sealed and concealed, for the day was young---even the firefly and bumbletaxi hitching post out front is deserted and forlorn.

And another tree farther on revealed the entrance to a Hoblet’s Nest.   They’re not quite so particular about their accommodations as fairies, have no occupations to speak of, and sleep in very late.  

We did not see one today, so we came home and made our own.   He bears a striking resemblance to Fifi the Flower-Tot's friend Sluggsy, only way more flashy---maybe he's ready for Mardi Gras.

Sweetpea kept calling the petals feathers as they fell, and we brought home a few for souvenirs.   We pressed them between paper towels in a heavy book, and today when I looked, they've taken on the tone and the shine of burnished leather.
We dyed eggs, made strawberry cupcakes (decorated by Sweetpea herself, and featuring an entire jar of sprinkles, mostly lavished upon her own), arranged a new bunny on the table, and awaited our Family, for we had stories to tell.    Bunny seems to be inclined to recline, no matter what I do---I guess she's not rested yet from the all the to-do and flurry of late.   I know just how she feels.

I'm linking today to Beverly's Pink Saturday.


  1. Hello Rachel:
    What an enchanting walk and, as your images show, such wonderful blossom in great abundance. To see it in such a way is, as you write, to imagine pink snow.

  2. Thank you for sharing your walk with your little Sweet Pea, and for taking the time to capture the sights along your way ... and what lovely sights they were! I love your little fairy person, too ... isn't it wonderful to share the world with your own "little person!"

  3. Such a nice walk with the little one. All of our spring things have bloomed out-we have moved on to the summer standbyes-daylillies and salvia and verbena.

  4. Happy Pink Saturday to you, my dear Rachel. Thank you for your kind words. You always make my day.

    You've made me feel as if I were walking along with you. I love the falling petals and the enchanting colors.

    I think we all need a fairy of our very own.

  5. Where I see pollen, you see fairy dust. Where I see rain, you see flower water. Where I see grass that needs cutting, you see a jungle for Sweetpea to hunt tigers in.

    I need to hang out with you a little more and absorb some of that BRIGHT.

  6. Such beauty in nature that makes us be in awe of what Springtime shares with us. Love your photos so much. Especially the fallen petals on the ground and sidewalk. Walking in the mountains without sidewalks is a challenge. I miss that.

    You never know, Sweetpea might be a famous artist some day. Smiling at the work of art.

    Happy restful days to you dear Rahel.
    Love, Jeanne

  7. Oh, I loved taking that walk with you. With you delightful explanations made me feel as if I was holding your other hand! I love this time of year when the trees are putting on their most glorious show!!

  8. Oh, I loved taking that walk with you. With you delightful explanations made me feel as if I was holding your other hand! I love this time of year when the trees are putting on their most glorious show!!

  9. I enjoyed viewing your wonderful nature scenes...very pretty!!

  10. Just beautiful, Rachel. I've re-read this post 10 time, I know. So peaceful feeling. Thank you.

  11. I love the way you spin a story of a walk in the neighborhood. Such a beautiful treat to hear about what you saw. The trees are gorgeous--tulip trees are far and few between here. Thanks for stopping by today and commenting on my post.

  12. Loved seeing all your very pretty scenes.