Saturday, April 28, 2012



Sweetpea and I have long, convoluted talks about everything from manners, soccer, church, stories we've read (and those one or the other of us made up) and things we've done or would like to, or just imagined in our dreams. We sit over tea, ladylike and sedate, sipping and chatting to befit the setting and the occasion. Or we devolve at times to giggles and obscure questions---would you like a BUGGGGG
in your tea? Would you like DIRRRRRT in your tea? What if you had SOCCCCKKKS in your tea? (none of those questions MINE, of course, but cause of great levity and occasional spillage.

And we've just been reading a charming little book, TEA WITH VICTORIA ROSE, in which a small bunny and her Mama have lovely visits to teashops and quite a few nice quiet cups at home.

Yesterday, when Victoria and Mama entered Mr. Burrows' shop and sat down, he greeted the pair and handed round menus.

internet photo

"Do you know what a menu is?" I asked Sweetpea.

"Yes, it's in a restaurant and you read it and order your food."

"What do you say after you get the menu?"

(Little sweep of hand in the air, then finger point to her chest) "She'll have milk, and Diet Coke for me," in a precise imitation of her Mommy's voice.

Though she's quite literate and verbose for four, there are still a few little lingerings from her toddler days which sprinkle her conversation with words all her own, mostly little malaprops which make me smile every time. Soon I'll have to correct her before someone at school laughs at her usage, but just for today, I'm gonna leave them as is: 

Just a few months ago, she finally said "scrambled" at breakfast, instead of her usual request for "Spranneled eggs." I think those sound charming and delicious, don't you?   Wonder if that new cookwares store has a Sprannel Pan.

She has a glass of NILK with her lunch.

When you get a manicure, you get Pail Nolish on your Thingers.

And did you know that pirates walk the clank?

internet photo
I think Dear, Dramatic Cyril would have been delighted with that.


LV said...

Very cute presentation today.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Absolutely adorable! I remember my little boys say their evening prayer and me fighting off hysterical laughter at the way they pronounced the words. NO wonder I had seven! I was in love with babies!

I think the fingernails about knocked me off my chair. I can't stand it, they are so cute!!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Rachel:
How delightful all of this sounds. And you paint such a very charming picture of the two of you gossiping over a cup of tea and then, most likely, putting the world to rights.

Such simple pleasures - wonderful.

racheld said...

The minds of little children? Who knows what humor and love lurks in the hearts of little girls??? I bet that even the "Shadow" will never know. Just hope that "Ganner" can continue to deposit "Silly" into that little bright heart! God's promise that there will be a tomorrow!

racheld said...

AWWWW, Y'all!! The above "me" was Ganner himself, looking in as he does, delighted with all the doings in our household.

I was a bit surprised when I woke to see that I had been here, til I recognized the silly part and recognized my Other Half speaking---he and I had discussed having a good Sense of Silly yesterday---probably more important than a good sense of Humor.

And if you could see those two kids together . . .

jeanne said...

Good morning Rachel, Keep the sweet 'non words' as long as you can. We have a vast number of words our grands would say and laugh about them still. Sweetpea has a darling personality and it is easy to know, she is a 'very smart' little thing. Your relationship with her is so special. I love your posts so much when Sweetpea is the subject.

How charming for you and Sweetpea to have time for books, tea parties, long talks, and walks in the sunshine. She will have the most wonderful memories to hang on to for all the years of her life. I took care of one of my grandsons when my daughter was working. I was retired and had the time. He is 15 now and even though he probably doesn't realize why he hugs me several times in the first half hour after they arrive to visit, there is an unspoken bond.

Rachel, you have said so many dear things about my family and I cherish every word. I must say that I too admire your family in a very special way. I know we have the same family values and think in much the same way about our friends and loved ones. We are sisters of the heart and I am happy to have met you so very much.

Wishing you the happiest of days.
Love, Jeanne

Beverly said...

I've just been here nodding, sighing and smiling to myself as I enjoy your sweet tea and your wonderful post. You two sweet girls are sharing times that will be forever treasured.

We still laugh when we remember our son loved bopple (apple) juice and gert (yogurt). And, two of our grandson's first words were duck and yellow. Everything was a duck and everything was yellow.

Kouign Aman said...

Adorable. Unlikely kindergarteners will be pure enough in their speech to make a fuss.
Mine own has one left, at 7.5 years, butterflies still come from capatillers.

Long live the teaparty!

Alice said...

She is an expert at Spoonerisms already. Very tempting not to correct words that sound so cute, isn't it?

Rachel - I've begun posting photos of our recent China trip to my blog. We had a wonderful time with family, especially the gorgeous granddaughter, Arlo.

Justabeachkat said...

Love your posts about Sweetpea! I know she makes your heart happy.

Remember me? I've been AOL, but I'm back. I just did a post...a long one :-)

I'm going now to catch up on all your other posts. I've missed you.

Big hugs,

Southern Lady said...

I always love it when you share these sweet times with Sweetpea. What adorable little hands to go with her precious personality. Hold on to those little malapropisms as long as you can.

Kouign Aman said...

I just remembered one that self corrected last week: pool cars.
Those are the ones with more than one person in them, and they get to use the special lanes. I am going to miss the image that always brought to mind.

Kim S. said...

I'm glad that you've put them here for posterity! I know that my own Sweetpea is 28 and I still go over the list of 'malapropisms' that her daddy made for a trip with Grandma. They make me smile. The great thing is when those words/names/phrases turn into family tradition.