Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Image by Janie at Southern Lagniappe

I cannot tell Y'all of this great honor that I discovered when I visited my friend Janie at Southern Lagniappe just this minute.

She has done a little retrospect of some of her photos, with the comments that I posted when I first viewed them. She'd asked a while ago if she might do that, and she's made a lovely little album of her pictures today, with my little thoughts which came to mind when I first saw them. She has an eye for light and for detail which make her photos of the South absolutely magical, and I hope you'll go have a look.

I haven't even seen it all yet, and am hurrying back to take it all in.

Thank you, Janie---for this and Everything, Always.


Southern Lady said...

And thank YOU, Miss Rachel ... for THIS and for brightening my days.

Jeanne said...

Mornin' my friend. I will be visiting Janie today for her wonderful post. Now i am feeding my Cheri' She is woofing me for her breakfast.
Hugs, Jeanne

Chesapeake said...

Very well deserved, Rachel. So glad for you that others notice what a writing talent you have. No word is big enough to express the size of it.

And I echo what others have said, that you need to write a book.

Patsy said...

I went over to Southern Lady's post and that is a great honor for you.

Marlene said...

Oh yes! Write that book!!

Tonja said...

I am so happy that our path's crossed in this big world we live in. I have learned much about the music of words by reading your posts and comments. Sometimes I think the words you write are so happy to be used in the way you choose that they are dancing on the page! I think that God has blessed you with a great wisdom about life and the living of it. Your readers are blessed that you have chosen to share it with us. Please keep sharing with us all. I love to learn the lessons you choose to teach!

Kim Shook said...

What a beautiful combination of picture and prose! Two amazingly talented and dear, dear ladies! I wish I knew a publisher to whom I could show that post.