Sunday, December 26, 2010


We've had a quiet, busy day today, Sweetpea and I, as her Mommy is taking advantage of the sales to fill her depleted gift closet.

We had grits and scrambled eggs before Ganner left on his long trip South to see his Mom, then we had a review of several Christmas gifts, and then lunch with Caro downstairs. A good long cozy nap after reading a new book, and tea-time at four, when she had chocolate tea in her own tiny teapot, and a couple of crispy, ethereal cigarette cookies whilst I had the apple-green pot of Magnolia tea.

Now we're immersed in Play Doh, and you'd be surprised how many colors you can get by mixing several, plus it's just so satisfying squishing all that cool goo with your fingers.

And it's also fun to give a blue Nemo a purple and orange Mohawk. Over and over til his hair turns tan.

Moire non about Christmas itself, but today's all there is for now, and that makes me smile.


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Ahhh, what better way to spend the day after Christmas than loving on Ms. Sweetpea..what fun you must have had.
The nap was my biggest thing today. peace & quite and the after glow of a wonderful joy filled Christmas Eve.

Southern Lady said...

Your "day after" sounds like a perfect one, Rachel. We had grits and eggs, too, with my daddy doing the honors at the griddle -- except our eggs were fried and mixed in with the grits. It just doesn't get much better than that.

Enjoy the rest of your week with Sweetpea. Isn't it nice to have time to just play.

Jeanne said...

Dear Rachel, It sounds like a fine day to me. Relaxing and chilling is a good thing. We are doing that too. However, tomorrow we are heading home to snow. I hope we make it up our driveway. If not we will walk. It will be fun to see the beautiful snow. Then it will be fun to see it melt. HA!

Happy after Christmas Days to you and yours.
Warm hugs, Jeanne

Tonja said...

I love the days right after Christmas. It seems as if those days between Christmas and the New Year are made just for snuggling, and reading, and playing, and eating leftovers, and playing games. Seems a shame to try to do anything else this week at the end. And so...I won't.

Jeanne said...

Hi Rachel, I enjoyed reading your comment as always. Smile. The wood burning is a memory of mine too. A good memory and much like yours. Wood burning has quite a fascination for many people. It was a big deal in Victorian times as well. Then it was called pyrography. Or Flemish art. After the wood burning it was often painted. I admire it very much and have a small collection of those vintage pieces.

I added to my post since you saw it this morning I think. I actually changed it 4 times. HA! I just couldn't seem to be satisfied with it. I also found a photo I took with Bill holding his gift Christmas morning. It was the post that wouldn't quit. LOL.

We did get our car up our drive this afternoon after salting our driveway. It is now safe in the garage. My dh had to shovel lots of that snow though. We did walk up to our house yesterday about 200 feet. The snow is not melting much. Our pup is having fun with the snow. She bites it! Silly pup.
Warm hugs and happy days to you and yours, Jeanne

Kat said...

Hi sweet friend!

Sounds like a perfect way to spend the day! I played hard the day after Christmas too but have been busy busy busy since then trying to get caught up after the holidays. It seems never ending.

Happy New Year!