Thursday, December 2, 2010


As usual, I'm lingering behind in all my chores and postings and cleaning and getting ready for the cookie-swap on Sunday. Perhaps on Monday, there will be time to post a bit about our Thanksgiving celebration, which covered almost a week, with the comings and goings and the getting together several times, here and far away. I'll post some of that if anyone's interested.

And now, I must away, for the kitchen calls, the two-pans-of-fudge which will go into the cold room to set up before the party, the lists and the getting out of dishes and tables and cloths, the cooking and the preparing, with a meditation and contemplation in every little moment. I enjoy getting ready for things, making little dishes to stash in the fridge, plumping a cushion, moving a footstool just so, getting out the stacks of napkins, cuddles of spoons.

The light's bright Autumn swags of grapes and leaves have been exchanged for the ropes and swirls of richly-colored ribbon, and the corner tree, bright with white and silver, greeted me this morning when I emerged sleepily for coffee---Caro had come down and been Fairy TreeMother in the wee hours when she came home from work, and as we slept. The small table is draped in white layers of Battenburg, and the three-foot tree glistens with lights and tulle swoops and incongruously-enormous crystal ornaments too-big-for-the-tree, but perfect, nonetheless.

But whatever the brightness, whatever the light, know that none is as bright in my life as the people who inhabit all the rooms of my splendid House of Family and Friends---you all drift through, you stop and read, you comment and say hello, and those things BRIGHT me every day.

Tomorrow will be Post #600, in this bare two years of my everyday scribblings, and I hope it will be worthy of this wonderful group of friends who come and visit. I love and appreciate you, each and every one, and I wish all of you the blessings of this wonderful, warm Season of Light.



Beverly said...

Please ask your Fairy TreeMother to come visit my house. I would love her well, and I promise to send her back to you.

My sweet grandson will be posing for Christmas pictures this Sunday. Bless his heart. He is so patient.

Kathleen Grace said...

Hi Rachel,
Isn't it funny how we find each other online through friends of friends and exploring here and there? Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I love meeting new friends and your blog looks lovely:>) Have a wonderful Christmas season!

mustard seeds said...

I always enjoy your posts, and appreciate all your sweet comments. Congratulations on your 600th post.

Chesapeake said...

Rachel, I am constantly in awe of your ability to bring to life your doings around and about. I just can imagine the cookie exchange. It will be wonderful. Love to Caro!

racheld said...

Just dropping in myself to thank you all for the sweet comments---it was a very busy day, lots of it up on the step-stool, cleaning tops of things. You'd think we'd invited a troop of giraffes to this party, but I can't stand to think anyone tall might see the dusty top of my fridge, etc., and while I was up there, might as well take down all the shining pitchers for a trip through the DW---couldn't hurt. And, of course, the cabinets needed a shine, and the china hutches, and the big ole group of decanters atop the china cabinet, etc.

Thank you all for dropping in, for the comments, and for being such faithful readers. It means so much, for I just toss words out there, and here come NICE PEOPLE!! Lovely.

Jeanne said...

Hi Rachel, I am dropping by to say hello and thank you for your always sweet comments. I wanted to let you know I did not post tomorrow because I just ran out of time. I am leaving in the am for FL for a wedding shower. My grandson is getting married.

You can keep right fluffing and primping for your cookie swap. A great idea and always fun. I know your tree and all you do will make your guests very welcome. The chandy looks beautiful dripping in fall leaves and grapes. I love it!
Love you to my friend and I wish you a happy cookie day.
Warm hugs,Jeanne

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Lovely Fall....and now to see your lovely Christmas! I am so far behind...tomorrow...tomorrow...I will complete it this week end. :)

Southern Lady said...

What a memorable milestone in the world of blogging, Rachel -- 600 posts filled with beautiful words and stories from a lovely and gracious lady. I'm so very glad I found this place called "Lawn Tea," and YOU, my friend.

Kouign Aman said...

Our sort of weekend too.
Swapping the house's look, a play date (even the kids call it that now) with a friend known for her propensity to turn out every box and container, and now its time to cook, and put the kitchen back in order.
But we did have a lovely tea party, using a teaset the size of walnut shells, printed w ladybugs. So delicate, the little ladies were.

Kim Shook said...

I love that you let us in on not just the public, celebratory moments of your life, but also the private, preparatory moments. It make things comfy and familiar and very 'Rachel'. Love you.