Tuesday, October 12, 2010



It's the beginning of a GREEN THING.

That green swirl is the one-drop of McCormick Food Color which Chris dropped into the blender, just after he’d given a stir to the Margarita Mix and Dos Dedos in the bottom. He makes margaritas maybe once a month, and we all call them “Green Things.” They had always looked so unappealing in that anemic goldy-green straight from the bottle of mix, so I suggested he put in a dot of color. Now and then they’re pink, depending on whim, but mostly they stay Green Things.

Even his sweet little Baptist Mama will ask about five o’clock on a visit, “Isn’t it about time for one of those little Green Things?” And he mixes up a couple---I lime-rub and salt the glasses, but just don’t care for any liquor very much, especially the Shinola/turpentine taste of tequila.

Sunday night Supper is a hit-or-miss with us---if we’ve been to lunch or brunch, we’ll just have a quick sandwich, or maybe will cook a good pot roast all afternoon and invite everybody---it just depends on how we feel.

This past Sunday, CARO MADE FAJITAS!! That’s a wonderful treat, for she goes all out, getting things marinated and cooked and chopped and gathered together. It’s her day off, and she does most of her cooking for the week on the weekends, so she makes up a big Tupperware of Chicken Breast Something, and this time it was fajitas.

And since it WAS her day off, she was planning on having a beer with her supper. THEN Chris cranked up the blender, and a good time was had by all.

She'd made a scrumptious Black Bean/Corn Salsa, with tri-color peppers, onion, sliced green onions, jalapeno, cilantro and lots of lime:

Her place. They ARE bright, aren't they?---as if you'd handed over Kool-Aid duty to the five-year olds who are the only ones fond of that IMMENSE green. I didn't look, but I expect that their tongues took on that vibrant color, as well.

A store-bought tomato salsa, grabbed by Chris on his way home:

The Fajita filling, with 2 kinds of peppers, onion, grape tomatoes and cilantro, and all kinds of yummy spices:

Chris likes both kinds of tortillas---crisp and flour---the crisp ones baked for a few minutes in a 350 oven:

Caro's Fajitas, on whole-wheat tortillas:

Some canned re-fried beans, gussied up a bit with cilantro and green onions:

We sat down laughing and talking, and spent the whole dinner in some state of merriment, with all the good food and good fellowship flowing.

Then we neatly packed all her food away upstairs, poured more glasses of tea, and all watched
The Blind Side.

And we all agreed that it was the best meal and funnest evening we've spent together in a long time.


Tonja said...

Oh, it does sound like a fun evening. When things sort of get flung together without too much stress...they are ever so much nicer. And, there's never better company than good ole family.

Chesapeake said...

Thank you for sharing, Rachel. I can just hear Chris' mother asking about the Green Thing!

Kim Shook said...

I like the look of that Green Thing. I am a sucker for bright colored drinks. When we were in the Bahamas all my favorite drinks looked like Windex!

Please tell Miss Caro that her meal looks gorgeous and that black bean and corn salsa sounds fantastic!

Kat said...

Everything sounds and looks yummy!


Beverly said...

Everything looks and sounds delicious. I love those laid back and relaxing times with family and friends.

Green tongues! Next time you need to take a photo of those.

Nail said...

That looks wonderful! Wish I had been there for the great food, Uncle Chris' margaritas and laughing til we pee evenings I love so much.

Keetha said...

Me oh my what a delightful meal that sounds like!