Monday, October 18, 2010


This is Meme Monday for a lot of my blogging friends---it's called Blue Monday, and each entry is supposed to have a bit of blue.

There are a lot of participants, but I was especially struck by Beverly's How Sweet the Sound.

Prayers answered.


LV said...

Wrong day. Beverly's is Pink Saturday.Blue Monday is for Sally.

racheld said...

I'm SUCH a fan of both, and scurry around to every one I can get to each week.

It was Beverly's post which really took my heart today---and at first, I didn't even know who they WERE. We'd thought of them and held them in prayer for so long, without a thought of knowing their faces.

It's a miracle that we've witnessed, it is.

Kim Shook said...

I kept sneaking onto msnbc at work all that day, to check the progress and then getting verklempt and tight throated. I must have looked odd. But what a wonderful day.