Monday, October 25, 2010


Early morning Stroll, anyone? This glorious allee' is one of the highlights of the Fall season, for it stretches out into the distance in such colors and such vistas---just magnificent. It's not quite there, into its Autumn glory, but soon.

The Luck Leaf Bushes all down the sides are getting rosier every day. We have a huge one of these bushes in the back yard, and ever since the first GrandDaughter started the custom, we hand a Luck Leaf through the car window to anyone who is departing.

Looking up-up into one of the trees at the end, where the sun has kissed the leaves in a heartier smooch.

Will you join me for a stroll down this beautifully-promising vista? Don't you wonder what lies just around the bend? Shall we go and see?


Chesapeake said...


Southern Lady said...

Oh, what a beautiful Fall allee' (I love that word, don't you!) ... I can just picture you and your little Miss Sweetpea strolling and getting close up views through her "spyglass" of all those glorious leaves.

I've never heard of "Luck Leaf" bushes, but love your tradition of giving your departing visitors a "luck leaf" to take with them.

Tonja said...

I'd love to come and take that walk with you! It's so beautiful! Be sure and show us again when the leaves get further along.

Kouign Aman said...

Oh my!

Maggie McArthur said...

I'll take an early morning walk with you anytime, Mz. Rachel. Just stunning.

Patsy said...

That was a beautiful walk !

Bev said...


Beverly said...

Autumn brings the most spectacular gifts.

Do you have favorite trees around your town? Does that sound crazy? I have a favorite dogwood, a favorite crepe myrtle and a favorite maple. Every year at the appropriate time, I must drive by to view each of these gorgeous specimens.

Jeanne said...

Good morning Rachel, I am sorry I didn't make it to your blog yesterday but Cheri' and I melted into the couch for a good part of the day. Then early to bed. Only to wake up and the second time I went to bed it was after 1:00pm. What a week, I enjoyed it all very much but rest was a given. Thank you for your lovely comment about friends. It is so true.

Your fall post is so pretty. Down the winding road lined with lovely trees and the 'burning bushes.' I enjoyed every step. Your lovely stories reveal the kindness in your heart for every thing and everyone. That includes Ma's (previous MIL) French fried potatoes in your previous post. I know about that kind of country cooking so well. Dinner is at noon and supper at night. Out of the six children in our family, I missed the farm life the most. It suits me so well. I love your country life stories so very much.

Have a wonderful day.
Warm hugs, Jeanne

Kim Shook said...

Just lovely, Rachel! We are seeing subdued colors here due to the dry summer, they say. But every so often we'll spot a blaze of orange or gold or red and they are even more heart stoppingly beautiful for their rarity!

racheld said...

OH, Janie, Tonja, Michelle, Maggie, Patsy, Bev, Beverly, Jeanne, and Kim!!

I'd SO love for you all to come and stroll beneath this beautiful allee' of trees---I wait each year, going by to peek in the entrance, then at the first glimpse of color, we go in, driving the length of it, stopping to walk and pick up a few leaves, listening to the wonderful sounds of the breeze and the birds.

We haven't been by since the BIG BLOW this week, and I'm truly hoping that the beautiful was not stripped prematurely away after all this anticipation.

And I DO have favorite trees---there's an enormous maple several blocks over, a teensy bit out of the way of our usual daily meanderings, but it's in full glory right now. It's a muted golden/orange/peach color, almost as if the leaves were translucent.

Over at The Fort, there are several we go to visit from time to time, along with a patches of sumac which blaze their brightness into the sunny spots between the pines and oaks and maples.

One, we photographed years ago, in each season---the white trunk showy beneath the Spring green hazes, in Full Summer Glory, in the shadings of fall, and the glowing white perfectly displayed against the evergreens in Winter, especially in the snow.

And a few---interesting because of their configurations, or a shady spot for meditation, or the mark of their patient years.

And just this Summer, a squirrel-stashed acorn did its work, making a little eight-inch oak tree right in the edge of the hostas, and it's now blazing its own five-leafed salute to the Fall.