Saturday, October 30, 2010


I'm as simple a person as you'd ever want to know---nothing complicated (except maybe my rickey-tick brain which flies off on too many tangents to count), and the simple things are most precious to me. Of THINGS, I look at our books and feel a quiet wonder and warmth at so much lovely learning and mystery and delight right there between those covers. Just looking at a bright array of dishes, or a colorfully set table, or even a dish of good home cooking---those are joyful things, pleasant and comforting.

Aside from books (and music, which I lump right in there together) and a full larder, as Winter draws its cold curtain slowly around us, I think cleaning products are some of my favorite treasures. Not that you'd know it, from the usual state of my house. (I just told a neighbor, to whom I'd delivered a couple of salads to go with her lunch for all the visiting children---my old stand-by: "If you could see my house, you wouldn't eat my cookin'."

It's in a dreadful state at the moment, with a first-in-years burnt pot, whose lovely tiny baby carrots boiled slap-dab dry and set off the smoke alarm while I was upstairs (forgetful,forgetful) with Caro, stringing up some lavender to dry. I've soaked it, scraped it, scrubbed it, boiled it with detergent and water, and still there's a horrid black slick coating on the bottom which would do great credit to the outside of any reputable black skillet.

I'm gonna try the Easy-Off, though I think that's mostly for burnt-on grease, and acts on the oils; there was never anything in the pot with the carrots but water and a little sugar and salt.

And one of the above is for MEEEE---I just LOVE an O-Cello sponge with all my lovely scented washes. Aside from a true seasponge---the real thing that used to house a little critter---they're the best I've found for a good scrub in the shower. I usually cut them in half with the big kitchen scissors, for easier handling.

And those little "Finish" thingies with the red dot of rinse-stuff (wouldn't the company be proud of me and all my technical terminology?) are really good, as well. I haven't for the life of me figured out how to twist the little plug for the Jet-Dry dispenser in the door, plus I'd forget to fill it for weeks on end---so these are nice.

I think even the packaging is pretty---I like to walk past the shelf and just LOOK at 'em.

And, as Dear Forrest said, "That's all I got to say about THAAAATTT."

Tomorrow: one of my favorite songs and songwriters


Jeanne said...

Rachel, you do make me chuckle. I promise I would eat anything you cooked. Smile.

I do not have any advice about the burned pan except My MIL used vinegar and water, then boiled it on the stove. Good luck.

I like to clean but buy very few cleaning products. I do use sponges. I use vineger and water a lot and kitchen detergent. A bit of bleach and soap for the bathrooms etc. I am allergic to most cleaning products. A real pain!!
Did you know coke cleans toilet stains. HA! I would never drink it or clean with it.

I commented on your previous post. I hope you are feeling better today.
Hugs, Jeanne

Kim Shook said...

Rachel – sister of my heart! I love cleaning products, too. Also – no one could ever tell it from the state of my house! I like to wander the cleaning supply aisle at the store and see all the possibilities. I have an abundance of them, purchased while influenced by ads promising “New!” “Improved” “Easy Cleaning” – I am a sucker for anything that promises good results with low effort. And I am always forced to admit that my grandmother was correct – nothing beats soap and elbow grease.

I’m an SOS girl, too. When my BIL worked for the company that makes Brillo pads, my MIL practically accused me of betrayal when she saw SOS in my cabinet. I tried and tried, but always ended up with a clump of pink goo in the sink and a handful of nekkid wool!

Tonja said...

I'm sorry. Can't relate. Don't want to relate. Think of something else...warm afternoons by the book waiting to be read...going out to eat on Sunday after church with friends or family....just about anything else.

Sorry, friend. I just didn't get that gene.

Maggie McArthur said...

i too love cleaning products -- except the essential one: elbow grease!

sparrowgrass said...

Boil your pot with some dishwasher powder and water--takes the black right off.

Kouign Aman said...

Throw 'er out and buy a new one. Burnt sugar is the WORST to get out. We lost our last pan to carrots too.

Vinegar, water, baking soda, bleach. Them's my favorites. The Mr likes the more complicated options. Hey, whatever makes up happy! I do admire the shape of the 'Toilet Duck'.

racheld said...

I took Sparrow's advice, boiled it for quite a while with the powder, and scraped off most of the black. Took an SOS to the residue, and when it didn't QUITE get it all, I said to Heck with it, tossed the SOS into the pot, covered it with water and boiled THAT.

It yukked up blue like a cross between a science experiment gone awry and a bad cook's pudding, but it worked like a charm. Shinier than new.