Friday, October 15, 2010


Yesterday was a different day, all around---I had an early appointment, and the leaves baring the big tree must have caused the sentry lights to really be bright in the back yard, for I woke thinking it MUST be after seven, and was brushing my teeth when I looked in at the clock---4:45. Too late. The coffee was brewing and I was up, and what the Heck.
The appointment, then I got my flu shot, then home with our little one for a good session of sweeping the leaves off the patio rug (see last year’s sweeping post---not much has changed---though this year she has her own small broom with about eight little yellow teeth that can sweep more leaves back onto the rug from the lawn than I can evict).

SO, in the afternoon her Mama came to pick her up and we got to talking, and her Daddy called and said he’d like to stop by, so before he got here, we called in our usual order to our favorite Chinese restaurant. Chris went off to fetch it.

We set the table with paper plates, poured the tea, and helped our plates, talking of this and that, and the Little One’s latest adventures. THEN the conversation turned to the dog’s haircut---Chris’ first effort after a year of paying a groomer fifty bucks every few weeks. Son said “Eye could use a haircut.” We took him to be kidding, but Chris jumped right in, telling about his previous experience in barbering.

Dear Daughter in Law and I laughed and scoffed, knowing they’d never do it. But when they pulled a lawn chair into the kitchen, got out an old oilcloth tablecloth for a drape, and the clippers started humming, I knew they were serious. Both of them.

DDIL and I conferred over every whirrrr and every pass with those clippers. Those DOG clippers. We ladies teased about great expanses of scalp showing, of great bald patches; we put hand to cheek with horrified expressions, gasping news of one sideburn completely gone.

No use---Son did not bite. And it WAS a really good, high, tight haircut---exactly like a Deep-South farmer likes it. The neckline even looked pristine and even---Who knew. This man has facets I knew not of.

So, from stumbling into a too-early day to hosting a haircut right here in my kitchen, it was quite a day. And yours?


Tonja said...

How funny! A haircut with the dog clippers! Your son is very brave and trusting. I afraid I would have been running the other way!

What a great memory. You should make him some cookies in the shape of a dog bone! :-)

Tonja said...

How funny! A haircut with the dog clippers! Your son is very brave and trusting. I afraid I would have been running the other way!

What a great memory. You should make him some cookies in the shape of a dog bone! :-)

Jeanne said...

Hello Rachel, I have been MIA these past few days. My only excuse is 50 guests coming here for a BBQ. I am cleaning my garage (at least a several day project)and buying tons of food and planning, planning, Planning. I am setting up tables in there because I am trying to seat all these people to eat. Sigh. I don't trust it not to rain so there it is. Tables will also be setup inside. I will seat 50 people or bust. HA!

My days are cleaning,(the house, cabin and RV) decorating for Fall inside and out, and making beds to sleep five of those 50.

I love your stories filled with your many activities. No one tells a story like you. The most mundane thing is important when you write about it. And fun! We could use a dog groomer around here. We paid $45. on Cheri's last haircut. It is good he can fill in as a barber too. Smile. We love Chinese food too. It is only a 16 mile trip to eat there. Yes, a negative of living way up in the mountains. However, the view is worth it all. Smile. You don't want to know how many leaves fall around here. Hopefully the wind will blow them back into the woods.
Warm hugs,

I also like your favorite author and the lovely food posts. I will have to go to the library and get one of them. I wish I could find more time to read.

Have a wonderful weekend Rachel. Your life is full and you have family who love you to enjoy. I am sure will have a great weekend as always.

Kat said...

No pictures?! THAT would have been one for the album too! I'm guessing it won't be the last time either. LOL Using the dog clippers made me laugh.

We had BLTs tonight, but your Chinese sounds good too.

Enjoy your weekend.


Southern Lady said...

When we have company, Friday night is always "Chinese Night." There's nothing like having our own buffet on the kitchen island of General Tso's Chicken, Shrimp and Vegetables, Shrimp Lo Mein (my favorite), Egg Rolls, and Fried Rice ... and then we have to take turns reading our Fortune Cookies. I think Avery is the only one who actually EATS one.

I always love to hear about your sweet family gatherings, Rachel ... I hope your weekend is filled with happy ones.