Saturday, October 2, 2010


OH, Y'ALL!!!

This is a rainy, gloomy Saturday, one for cuddling warm with a good book (Mma Precious Ramotswe in Blue Shoes and Happiness is calling my name this minute).

But I've just discovered something which I took just a minute to glance through, enchanted and delighted, and came to tell you to GO SEE IT RIGHT NOW, before I go back and look some more.

The site is called MILA'S DAYDREAMS, and features a sweet baby girl, sweetly sleeping as she dreams of beautiful adventures, always in wonderful scenes and vignettes---the best of Anne Geddes were MAYBE this sweet and captivating, but I just cannot tell you how much you'll enjoy this.

What a lovely bit of lagniappe, just skipping around amongst links between blogs, and there she WAS. Her Mama (and/or Daddy)---well, there's an artist whose heart is in her work.

The Mary Poppins one will make your heart melt right out of your chest, I promise.


Jeanne said...

Happy Saturday to you Rachel. For a change I am home this Saturday and enjoying a leisurely day visiting my blogging friends. I will visit your friend too.

Right now my puppy is demanding attention. She is bored watching me on my computer all day,

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for your sweet comment today.
Hugs, Jeanne

Chesapeake said...

Oh, my, words do fail on this one. I absolutely understand why you were so captivated!

Kim Shook said...

Heart melting at this moment! I love how Mila is just totally abandoned to sleep. Those wide flung arms and legs - all is secure in Mila's world!