Friday, September 8, 2017


Somewhere in my closet are a couple of caftans---those long or longish creations which sort of skim your body and float gently as you walk.  They’re especially nice for relaxing on the patio after a fragrant Summer shower with lovely soaps and lotions.   They’re my own version of the storied “hostess gowns” which so captivated my very-young, very limited fashion imagination, especially in relation to the “Sunday Night Suppers” of cookbook and soap opera legend in those Mary Tyler Moore years.   I love wearing them in a comfortable setting with close friends, or put on just BECAUSE, with my wet hair up in a turban and cream on my face. 

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Long-ago memories of my favourite caftan, all floaty silk and gently bat-winged, in yards of soft taupes and tans and smouldery gold swirls of acanthus leaves with the sun peeking through. 

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My, I felt elegant in that one, with my heavy Sarah Coventry necklace and gold toe-sandals, and had no qualms about wearing it over and over.

The perfect seventies accessory---My, didn't EYE feel soignee!

I can't imagine where that beautiful garment is now---probably mouldered in a tip, for the last time I saw it was many years ago, slung over the shoulder of a poor young woman who had spied it hanging in the back of my office, dry-cleaner-bag-and-all, and practically cried over the beauty of it. And when her slow, Southern drawl went on to say, "I'd wrap myself in it on my mattress every night---I ain't got no sheets, ye know,"---my heart overflowed and I pressed it into her hands. 

And I've no doubt it cuddled her dreams for a long time.

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Susie said...

Gee, I never looked as good as this picture in anything really. I remember thinking those caftans were glamourous. So sweet that you gave it to a young lady in need of a big hug. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Kathy said...

I never liked caftans. I always thought they looked sloppy. But they must have been extremely comfortable. What a sweet thing to do to give yours away. I'm sure it must have blessed the young lady.

donna baker said...

Never saw m mother wear one, but I know they were popular. Must be good for island weather. Remember muumuus too, step-child of caftans.

Linda said...

I do remember caftans and I loved them then and I love them now! My mother used to wear things she called Moo Moos!
I still wear long dresses some. On a recent evening here at the ranch, my stepson came down to the camper to visit. I came out in a long dress and he thought I was all fancy in an evening dress he called it!

BeachGypsy said...

thank you for checking on us!! we are fine, it was a bad storm and I'm glad it's over. The tornado warnings scared me more than anything, one right after the other, dang, they had me in a panic! LOL I love this post and yes I sure remember caftans and I always thought they were so so so glamourous! I remember women wearing them in the 60s and 70s and wearing "hostess gowns" to serve in at dinner parties! Sometimes they were called "patio dresses" too. Have you read Patricia Altschul?---she wrote a book called "the art of Southern Charm" I think. Anyway---she is well known for her dozens of caftans and so opened a company making and selling them, she puts pictures of your dogs/cats on them! I walk by her house all the time.Lots of women are buying her caftans! I also love the Hawaiian dresses- the traditional muumuu.--loose, comfortable, cool and bright colorful prints! What are you up to this week?

Beverly said...

Isn't it wonderful when we enjoy the visions we are presenting. Feeling glamorous feels amazing.♥