Monday, September 13, 2010


Fresh white sheets and pillowcases, dried in the sun
Watermelon Crepe Myrtles

Jane Austen books and Movies
Eudora Welty
Fountain pens
James Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux
A NOOK or a book in the shade of the patio

Lavender swaying its scent into the wind
Lavender soap, shampoo, body wash, powder
Shade across an afternoon lawn
The scent of mint released by sandal-steps
Banana Ice Cream, made in the Sunday Afternoon shade
Morgan Freeman
Black Skillets

Naptime murmurs through the monitor
Coffee perking
First sunlight through the leaves
Robert Duvall
The grapevine swag on the garage
The faraway scent of burning leaves
The Magic of Spiderwebs

Babyback ribs off the Weber with a cold onion sandwich
Scent of dust in the first few drops of rain

Perfectly-steamed broccoli and cauliflower
Vellum cards hung on ribbon
Card Stock
Pictures of GrandBabies sleeping
Tea Parties
That Chris never stops hugging first
Twinkle lights all year/bubble lights at Christmas
A new Journal
Satin ribbon on packages wrapped by Caro
Neon lighting the night streets, especially in the rain
Clear, crunchy ice
Jessica Fletcher
The scent of First Turning wafting through the Spring Air
The Tree-Cup Tree
Cryptic Crosswords
Birthday Cake




And the Friends I've met here.


Southern Lady said...

Oh, Rachel, what beautiful pictures you paint with your sweet sentiments spoken straight from your heart to mine -- especially these: "Naptime murmurs through the monitor," Robert Duvall ( I LUV him!), and "the friends I've met here." You are one of those friends, Rachel, and you never cease to brighten my days with posts like this one.

racheld said...

We DO have a lot in common, don't we, Janie?

And today's Naptime murmurs, as I was posting this, were of reading a Pooh tale, of singing Old MacDonald, and a remembrance of this morning, when we were putting the new cup into the Tree-Cup Tree. (See tomorrow's LT post).

We let her cut the ribbon, but once was not enough, and when Caro finally took the scissors away, Our Girl was MOST Put Out.

I heard her just now, bemoaning the loss: "Caro, you broke my FEELINGS."

Marlene said...

Southern Lady said it beautifully. My prayer is for Awareness and Gratitude for "Fulsome things." Thank you, Rachel for the reminder!

Jeanne said...

Hi Rachel, this is an awesome post today. Your thoughts mimic mine too. I didn't know anyone else ever ate onion sandwiches. HA! I gave away my black skillets when I was young (in my 20's) I have sorely regretted it many times. Lavender is my favorite smell ever. I must be old!!! HA! Mmmm my first cup of coffee in the morning. Heaven! I could go on and on. Smile.
You make me smile everyday.
Love you, Jeanne

Chesapeake said...

Wonderful, wonderful post. My lavender is sending up new bloom stalks now. Oh, and I just read that there are now dwarf crape myrtles for folks who live in colder climes! Haven't found one in watermelon yet, but still looking. Would something close do?

racheld said...

Everyone is most welcome to these little snippets of things which keep my world brighter and sustain the magic.

And I'd love to hear yours, as well.

Jeanne---of all my friends e-and otherwise, I do believe I thought you the most common-sensical of us all---and you GAVE AWAY your SKILLETS!!??

Oh, well, one lapse, great though it be, is a drop in the vast bucket of my own 10,496.

And ANY color of Crepe Myrtle which would grow here would be a boon to all. I love and miss the stuff, just looking at the crinkly silky floofs of all the colors is a soothing, healing thing, no matter what ails ya.

ANY color---wouldja check on it, and see if there's one which would brave these snows? I just CRAVE to have one, swaying in the sun. We'll get together on it at Fair-Time next year.

Southern Lady said...

How about:

Homegrown Tomatoes
Squeaky Rocking Chairs for Rocking Babies
Cold Watermelon
Head-Holding Hugs
Picket Fences
Andy Griffith Show

Bev said...

Love this post I need banana ice cream!

Anonymous said...

Hear hear (here here) on 99% of your list (Chris not available here, and trading banana ice cream for chocolate) --- about Robert Duval, especially in his first movie role --- and about Dave (& Clete) - what about the ending of the Glass Rainbow ?? Love your list -

racheld said...

Oh, yes, Janie---add all those to the list. The line about Head-Holding Hugs struck a chord with me---I'm a great connoisseur of hugs, and have noticed a lot about the people who give them---happily or grudgingly or with a whole-hearted bear-hug abandon.

Three actors are some of my favorites, just because they Know How To Hug. They put their arms gently around, and then snuggle the lady's head to their chest or shoulder by softly holding the back of her head.

I don't know why that's important, but it just shows that they know how to hug a woman, how to comfort or show love or just say hello.

And why I've noticed it is a mystery to me, but Eric Roberts, Robert Redford and (?) David Caruso all have that magical gift, repeated in almost every role, and it appears to come naturally, so it seems to transfer from real life.

And my greatest surprise was Willie Nelson---he SMELLS SO GOOOOOD!

I really got going on THAT didn't I? But HUGS are important.

And Anonymous---thank you for chiming in---I'm in the first chapter of SWAN PEAK on audible, and will be tuning back in as I get to more housework in a bit. Dave is an everyman in a no-man's land sometimes, and we go along for the sometimes-terrifying rides.

Library didn't have Glass Rainbow in stock, but I try to read them in order---I hate finding out obliquely that a character has ended, without giving them their due of reading their last words.

Do visit again!!

Maggie McArthur said...

A crocus in the snow
Antique charm bracelets
Bacon and eggs
Almond extract
Black jeans
Rafa Nadal -- and last, but far from least --

Beverly said...

Fresh white sheets - check
Watermelon crepe myrtles - check
Jane Austen novels- check
Eudora Welty - check
fountain pens - check
and on and on - check, check, check

You are a kindred soul. I know I love you.♥

But, I'm not sure about you and Jeanne and cold onion sandwiches. I've never tried one, and I am not certain I want the experience.

Several people have said my husband reminds them of Robert Duvall. Of course, I think my husband far exceed Robert Duvall - who I happen to adore, too. I'm so lucky. I have my husband in real life - and Robert Duvall in movies. Perfection!

racheld said...

I'll bet my adventurous Maggie has had an onion sandwich---thin cold slices of sweet sweet onion, laid onto soft bread with a little slick of mayo and a sprinkle of sea salt---salty, crisp, tingly Heaven, especially with a bit of sweet Southern barbecue sauce on whatever's off the grill. Thank you my Dearie, for the inclusion---Y'all all go without saying.

And Beverly---how lovely to have such a kindred soul for a friend, especially with the lagniappe of a Duvall look-alike in tow. Wow. And have you seen him TANGO? Talk about a hug.

I'm immersed in dishes now, and if it weren't for popping off those big yellow Playtex gloves every five minutes, I'd have your Eagles song on continuous loop.

Kim S. said...

Public libraries
Potato chip and Duke mayo on white bread sandwiches
Dame Agatha
And, yes, RACHEL!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Thick fresh off the vine tomatoes sandwiches with mayonaise on homemade bread! I loved this post!! Just LOVED it! The teacup tree is such a sweet reminder of your friends!

Cape Coop said...

Add fresh reams of lined paper for me!