Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I SO apologize to all who have been trying to comment, and who have found a glitchy spot in the works of this magical machinery.
I've had several e-mails about having trouble getting the comments to work, and I do hope that whatever it is or was, it will be resolved soon. I LOVE hearing from everyone, and I hate that you've had problems with this.
I've encountered that several times, usually on the same blogs, and it's very frustrating to try and try, getting the same old can't-do-it results. I DO hope you won't give up!!
And I've been having problems myself, with two of the blogs I check in on every day---Colorado Lady and The Women's Colony. For the past few days, both of them are nothing but a great expanse of page, with the whole shebang of the content condensed into a two-inch margin smushed off to the side, with just enough of the pictures and words to be tantalizing, and the rest just out of reach.

I'm gonna get Chris to have a look at all of this when he gets back.
And PLEASE let me know if you're having trouble---I treasure each and every comment and e-mail from all of you.

Speaking of the not-getting-through: Does anyone know what happened to Alice of Tea In My Cup? She had the most wonderful little vignettes and recipes and plans every day for all different kinds of tea parties, with enchanting photos and all sorts of welcoming occasions.

She suddenly said, "I'll be back soon," and never returned. For almost a year, I'd still go to the site every now and then, and look my eyes full of a Christmas Tea or a Baby Shower Tea, or a wonderful celebration of a birthday or anniversary, but all of a sudden, the site says "You are not authorized."

It's nothing personal, of course, for she probably did not realize I was ever there, but it's sad to lose such a wonderful site, with no recovering the beautiful of it. And I'd really like to know if she's Okay---I hope she's still hostessing, still preparing those dainty viands and exquisitely-set tables. It would be nice to know it's still there. Somewhere.

I hope she knows how much I enjoyed it, and how much I miss her.


  1. Racheld, I can finally post. Don't know what happened just a little glitch with the blogs.
    I've never been to Alice's blog so I can't help you.

  2. Ah, the trials of us bloggers! I wonder if this was a Blogspot problem?

    I feel bad when a favorite blogger disappears.

  3. A little googling and I came up with this recent post.

    Check those cookies.

  4. Most of the time now, when I comment in a blogger/blogspot blog, I use the 'name/URL' ** option and that seems to work okay. However, if you remember I had this very problems some weeks back and it was driving me crazy! I changed the settings in Firefox (I'm not willing to go back to using IE) and not only was I then able to post comments to blogger/blogspot but an upgrade of an antivirus program that I installed weeks before suddenly started working properly!! And I haven't set Firefox to accept third party cookies - I won't, either, as I get enough unnecessary first party cookies as it is!

    I know the sort of cookies I like - they're the edible kind!


    **(So, fo course, this time it won't work...!)

  5. Try changing your comment setting to have a pop up form, those are the only ones I've found that work first time.