Thursday, May 6, 2010


One of my favorite puzzles of all time:

In a bookcase, there are three books in the trilogy---Vol. I, Vol. II, and Vol. III.

Each book cover is 1/4 inch.

In Vol. I, the pages accrue to a total of one inch.

Vol. II is exactly one inch thick, total.

Vol. III's pages accrue to a total of 1 1/2 inches.

A bookworm begins nibbling on Page 1 of Vol. I, and nibbles his way through to the last page of Vol. III. Filled to the brim, he lies down for a nap.

How far did he nibble? (ANSWERwill appear on Saturday---anyone else?)


Southern Lady said...

What a way to start my day, Rachel ... by overloading my poor little brain with a math/logic problem, my least favorite and weakest subject in school. I'm probably going to embarrass myself by being the first to reply, but it won't be the first time OR the last, I'm sure ... is the answer 4 inches? Where is Tonja the teacher when I need her ?

Tonja said...

Here's the teacher....the Kindergarten Teacher!!! I tried working this out using my fingers...not enough fingers. Then I got to that carrying and borrowing stuff. When that happens my eyes glaze over and I start babbling nonsense. It's not pretty. Besides, the kids in my class were not allowed to borrow from each stops so many misunderstandings. And, I think that is a good idea in this case.

Worms are very cute and very fun to watch. I would go and buy a carton of worms. Then I spread out a plastic tablecloth and had the kids sit around the outside. Then, I'd pour out the worms in the middle. It was always such fun. The rule was: Worms must NEVER be allowed to leave the tablecloth! So, if you have worms in your books, they are not following the rules! That means you must move your clothespin to yellow AND sit by the fence at recess!
TO SUM IT UP: Keep the worms outta the books!!

caro said...

1 1/2 inches

Chesapeake said...

Knowing how smart Caro is, I would agree with her.

Love you, girl!