Friday, January 29, 2010


The Frenched pork ribs I mentioned last week---we had these Monday night, I think; I was so busy getting ready for the party on Sunday and setting-to-rights the aftermath, I lost track of most everything. (Don't you ever wonder how the police on TV expect people to remember where they were between eight and eleven pee emm on January 29, 1994?---I can't usually remember BREAKFAST, unless somebody else cooked it---THAT'S memorable).

These were wonderful ribs---tender and juicy and just in that perfect moment between not yet and Oh, Dear! The bite of them was absolute perfection---a soft tearing, then you could feel the little ragged edges of the meat against your tongue. And the sauce was our favorite right now---Sweet Baby Ray's Brown Sugar. We buy a dozen whenever it's on sale, and keep it in the cool room; it's rich and thick for brushing on, and just the right balance of sweet, with no smoke flavor added---just enough of that comes from the grill.

We always have the same thing when he grills something that gets the sauce put on---whatever he's grilling, and onion sandwiches---they're a perfect salty zing against the sweet sauce. Soft Continental or Wonder bread, bought just for this, and spread with Blue Plate on both slices. Almost transparent slices of cold juicy sweet onion in layers, a good sprinkle of salt, top laid on, and the whole plate covered with a damp paper towel before snugging into the fridge til suppertime.

We also had beans this time, but they were still bubbling in the skillet when he came in with the ribs, and timing is everything---no real resting for ribs, just a quick smooth of the knife between, onto the plate, and sit down.

They were delicious, but the only difference between those hussied-up ones was that it didn't take quite so many napkins to keep our fingers neat. And face it---with ribs like those---neat just ain't the point.

(Quick interruption here from the dryer buzz, and when I returned, my little collaborator on this piece had added her opinion---Five Star restaurants would KILL for a review like this:

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MMMMMMMM Good! The little bits are tiny chips of onion left from the sandwiches/chopped for the beans---I always gather those up for my plate---lightly salted, they're great finger-food. And alongside a burger, I prefer them to fries or chips.

Think this meal might fit in down in Suthun France?


Maggie McArthur said...

OK, you're killing me here! I'm so hungry I could knaw the pixels from the screen. These luscious demoiselles would be at home in Suthun France, France du Nord, Alsace, Lorraine and the Massif Centrale.

racheld said...

We make them nearly every weekend, M'Dear. Put your lovely foot in the road and get down here. WHEN?

Kim S. said...

Thank you so much for the picture! Those are hilarious and delicious looking all at once. Michael is dying to start using the smoker he got for Christmas and ribs are one of the things he wants to try first. A foot of snow here is impeding things somewhat.