Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Sometimes you feel as if you've gone through all of Alice's Doors:

Company this morning, plus a plumber, plus a quite lively little girl---those have delayed my posting just a bit. I have all the pictures lined up ready to download, the words written, and a willing heart, but it will take a while.

I think I'll even have to post a second half tomorrow, because of so many pictures.

I hope everyone is warm and well and happy---we've got a snowstorm headed this way, plus very high winds tonight, so batten down the hatches and snuggle in.

moire non,


And I had a lovely surprise yesterday---after all the work and the cleaning. My Darling Sis called and said, “Look at your e-mail---you deserve a rest after all that work.” She’d sent us a marvelous Christmas Gift---a certificate for the New Year’s Eve celebration at an out-of-town hotel---LOVELY. And SO welcome.
Now I KNOW I'm in Wonderland.


Southern Lady said...

Rachel, thank you for your lovely comments about my Christmas ornament post. They were beautiful and touched my heart, especially your story about your precious little one.

Stay warm and safe tonight, my friend. I'll look forward to visiting with you tomorrow.

Tonja said...

What a great gift! You'll really enjoy that! Looking forward to seeing all the pics!

Keetha said...

Looking forward to it!