Friday, April 24, 2009


It's been a busy week, getting ready for guests, and today they arrived. Some Online friends came to visit for a few days, and despite delays in flights and having to hitch a ride from fellow travelers when the car rental was closed in the wee hours of arrival, we've been having a perfectly splendiferous time.

They slept in for a bit (arriving at your hotel at daylight will do that for you) and then came on over. I'd had Caro to bring us pastries and I'd cooked bacon and set out the makings for the lovely yogurt/granola fruit parfaits, but when they had further delays between the limo service and the rental car---we couldn't decide if it needed to be lunchtime or breakfast.

So, we set it all out, Tupperware and all. I'd planned how lovely it would be with the floral cloth on the buffet and the pink tablecloth and pink plates and goblets, but then we said Who Cares? and dragged all the Things in Dishes out of the fridge and added them to the table, along with crisps and Ritz and of course, PAMINNA CHEESE. We just all helped ourselves and had a grand time. (And paminna cheese lends a whole new depth to a pineapple Danish---mmmm-mmm).

I'm loving getting to know these faraway friends, friends whose voices and ears and eyes have been only ethereal in the most modern sense, and we find that we're already friends.

And soon as they return in a few minutes, we'll all go out for a good ole Indiana Chicken Dinner at a wonderful restaurant. I hope they're enjoying this as much as I am.

moire non,

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