Friday, April 3, 2009


The night's weather turned us cold and rainy, but the mood is bright---our cousin's little one's heart surgery yesterday was smooth and successful. And our own hearts are lighter.

The house is strangely alight, as well, for such a dim day outdoors. The windows were tended to by two polite, hard-working young men, and it's the first time we've ever had the whole storms-down/screens scrubbed/glass polished event, and they sparkle. Last night, as I went around checking locks and seeing to securing the nest, the unaccustomed pure clarity of the street lamps and the front-porch lights along the block was so bright, it seemed closer, somehow---like my neighbors had stepped closer for an approving look at all the primping and polishing.

The sheers over the big living room windows haze today's lackluster attempt at sunshine, but I know that soon all the green and the shine will win out, and all will be beautiful. I can see the leaves on the arbor trees from the upstairs kitchen, and I pray that Monday's predicted snow will not gray their first hopeful attempt at Spring.

And with hearts lighter than yesterday, it's time to get out some stuffed bunnies and dye some eggs.


  1. Rachel, I'm so glad your cousin's child's surgery went well. I'm sure that was a difficult time for all of you.

    Your clean windows make me ashamed of mine. It seems like every time I'm inspired to clean them, it rains! Isn't it amazing how a thing like clean windows can give you a new perspective on things.

    Perhaps when our April showers are over I will be able to find "two polite, hard-working young men" to clean mine ... lol

  2. We have had so much rain and wind and more rain, that my windows are all splattered with big drops everywhere! But, we have sunshine today...and it's much too pretty to spend the day doing windows. They'll wait...I'm sure of that!