Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Had a wonderful visit with Sis, and we delivered her to the airport this morning.   It's all new in there, with bright concourses, soaring architecture (no pun---the struts and supports are gleaming white pipe-structures with tapering ends, like a forties home-rolled---stretching up to huge heights).    It's GORGEOUS in there, and we looked our eyes full.

Just the ceiling of the great central atrium with the food court where we had breakfast is a sweeping high canopy of suspended pale azure stylized curving wings or gauzy palettes, hanging like the most ethereal, magical nursery mobile, stories above us craning up from below.

Perhaps it's because I was a bit tired from all the late-nights, family visiting, huge meals with us all around the table, long days of talking non-stop, laughing and crying, plus Sweetpea for the last two days and a visiting GrandDog---well, despite feeling up and going this morning, out into the bright day, all showered and fresh, I still got into a bit of a muddle. 

Or maybe it was the new signs --they're not the little kindergarten logos we're accustomed to---the paper-doll cutouts of the two genders, familiar and unmistakable.

These new ladies are STYLISH---slim fashionistas with a MULLET skirt, folks!    So, after we'd run in to wash our hands before we sat down to eat, and even another quick trip in with Sis, for one last moment before she boarded the plane, I STILL mistook one side of the court for the other.    We left the gate and I said, "If we're going anywhere else, I'm gonna run in for a minute."   

Chris steered me beneath the sign above---which, true, DID appear on one of the ones above my head, and on a door-with-a-handle to the side, with "FAMILY" on it.   I just kept strolling in, around the curve of that echoing labyrinth of beautiful tiles, and walked right up behind a gentleman facing the WALL.

I don't think I've turned and moved that fast since the frog jumped out of the mailbox.    

We came home and I slept all afternoon.    Better now.


Beverly said...

Aha! You gave me an early morning giggle.

You'll have to get Jeanne to tell you about her visit to the men's room on a camping trip. That girls has visited the men's room on more than one occasion.

steelersandstartrek said...

And what a perfectly lovely way of doing things in Indiana, too!

Having been on both the walk-in and walked-on-upon end of that kerfluffle, let me assure you that if he was aware of you he was much more stressed about it than you.

Look at the bright side - there are cameras everywhere in airports these days. I am sure that somewhere, someone is getting a chuckle at the expression that must have been on your face as you exited.

Keetha said...

When I was about nine, I walked into the mens room while on vacation. I didn't notice anything amiss until after I left the stall and noticed men people in there.

Ever since then, I check, then double check each time I walk in a public restroom. So I feel your pain!

racheld said...

Oh, there was no pain, just uncontrollable giggles when I got outside and found Chris. I had to put my hand over his mouth to keep him from commenting loudly, and making it even worse.

I DO hope a comment will go through soon. This is getting frustrating, and I've lost all my followers into the ether. Even if someone wanted to join, there's no place to click.

Kim Shook said...

Oh, Lord, I HATE doing that. I did the same thing in Paris. It was a unisex potty, so I really didn't make a mistake - but I was horrified. I confess that I found your situation much funnier than mine ;-)

Annesphamily said...

Those "family" bathrooms are the pits! I prefer face to face with my Sweets and no other men including my sons! Hee Hee!