Saturday, June 11, 2011


 The coffee-and-tea spot in the downstairs kitchen.   I think Chris wakes up thinking up little tableaux and arrangements, for almost every day when I wake and stumble sleepily out, he has something new or different or just charmingly thoughtful, set out on the counter.  

Lately the theme has been YELLOW, from the cup to the creamer to a blushing S&L apple, sometimes with a small painted-glass frog, and the other day it was a pair of little resin birds.    One birdie was cheerfully claimed and hugged as soon as Sweetpea arrived, and somehow had a mishap-of-a-missing-tail, going into the "repair" box for when Caro has a moment to put her magical touch on the re-assembly.

The other bird was brightly alert this morning, following a trail of just-the-right-color M&Ms chosen one-by-one from the baggie left from smuggling few nibbles into last weekend's X-MEN.

I try to get my mind around the thought and planning, the choosing and the arranging, and the sheer dedication and love of standing there picking out the yellow-and-deep-red candy, just to match the sugarbowl.  

It's as impressive in its way as plotting the path of comets, and WAY more endearing.   

And the roses are still hanging in there, as are we all.

I hope you all a bright happy weekend!


Bev said...

Too sweet! Right back atcha Rachel!!

Chesapeake said...

Yup, Chris does love Rachel, he does!

RobinfromCA said...

This is just wonderful!

Tonja said...

And, it is those thoughts...and the planning ...and the carrying out that speaks of how much his thoughts are of you. Little things....sweet things...things appreciated by only you. This, I think, is true love. And, it is beautiful.

Beverly said...

Rachel, I just love this little share. What a dear he is. It made me think -
Rachel & Chris sitting in a tree.

Will you be humming that to yourself all day now?

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Cape Coop said...

The word that comes to my mind so often with your posts these days is one of my favorite words- sweet.