Thursday, June 9, 2011


Metronome which belonged to Maria Callas---from Sotheby's Catalog
We had quite a busy morning, with Sweetpea coming down the stairs with her Mommy about 7:30, and then her Daddy dropping in for coffee on his way to work.    We’ve been for a long trike ride---forgetting that THIS was the day we were going on a Discovery Walk, with her spy-glass (magnifying) and her new little basket (her first-ever purchase at a Yard Sale).

The neighborhood is full of little findable objects, from pretty rocks to fallen leaves to tee-ninecy strawberries, small as a pea, peeking through the freshly-mown grass of the median.  We intend to go back out in a bit, since it’s ONLY 87 right now, compared to the 98+ of the past few days.  

But right now  we need a MOMENT.   It’s been like Barney in Raleigh today---just Go-Go-Go every minute.   We didn’t even stop for breakfast, so Ganner just took us out for a lovely lunch.    I had a really good chicken-breast half with some tasty collards and a jalapeno/corn muffin, Ganner had a Barbecue-Baked Pork Chop, and Sweetpea had Mac and Cheese and cantaloupe.

We took the “scenic route” home just now, riding through the ups and downs of the tunnel of trees on a side-road, with Our Girl’s request on the CD player---“Play Number ONE Again!!”  We rocked to Adele all the way home, with those Irish drums booming and our hands clapping and all of us doing such vigorous chin-thrusting head-nods to the music---I’ll bet the cars we passed just caught glimpses of what looked like a carful of big deranged chickens.

We’re all of Irish ancestry back along the line (and on my side, American Indian, as well), so I think drums are in our blood---the heartbeat of millennia, with the Celtic rhythms all the way back to the Firbolg’s sticks and rocks, and the centuries of hide-covered logs and pots serving as dance tempo and work beat and ceremonial flourish.  

Anyway, we’ve had quite a morning, and it’s time for a little cool-down on all fronts.

So,  while we take a little break, try a moment with Adele---just discovered a couple of months ago, and highly addictive for listening.   She is who she IS, and that's WAY cool.


Anonymous said...

I bet it was a fun ride home.

LV said...

Sounds like a fun way to spend the day.

mississippi artist said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. I have never heard of Adele, I will have to check it out.

Indy Cookie said...

I could listen to "Rolling in the Deep" all day long!!!

Kim Shook said...

There is no better stress relief than riding in a car and cranking up a really good song! You just reminded me that I need to grab a pile of CDs for the drive to NC tomorrow!

sparrowgrass said...

When my kids were little, we had a 'klexun' (collection) table in the living room to display all the good stuff they found--antlers, fossils, funny twigs, pretty rocks, the occasional dead bug or bottle cap. It was their table, and as long as it wasn't dangerous or smelly, they could 'klect' whatever they wanted.

In the spring, there was always a fishbowl full of developing tadpoles, and other times of the year, the bowl might hold a salamander or little turtle for a couple of days.

Both of my kids are very interested in the outdoors--one is a hunter who never buys anything from the butcher shop, and the other is an amateur biologist. He knows more about spiders than anyone else I know, all self taught.

Maggie McArthur said...

Ooooh -- I wish I could have tagged along with you on your walk! (I might have fought for that strawberry, though!)

Tonja said...

What a delight to spend time with you!

Her's an idea I used to do with the preschoolers when we would go on a nature walk. You know how you take a piece of masking tape and roll it back onto itself so the sticky is on the outside? (hope that made sense) Do this around her wrist...and as you travel along...she will soon have a lovely 'nature bracelet.' !

Beverly said...

I'm feeling the beat, Rachel. Thank you for sharing your fun. I'll be rocking in my desk chair.