Sunday, June 5, 2011


Chris came in with a dozen golden roses yesterday afternoon---just because "It's June!"   Here they are sitting downstairs beneath a bright painting, just after they went into the vase.      When I asked if he'd take a few pictures for me, he gladly grabbed the camera, took lots indoors, then took a few shots upstairs in the sitting room corner:    The light is a rosy pink (a carved block of salt), but it shows up as almost the same color as the roses in the late sunlight.

Then, with many cautions to be careful, he took the vase outdoors, to the little not-yet-pruned sitting nook out back: 

And then out into the sunshine---couldn't you just bury your face in these?

Off into the needs-weeding hosta beds, with the big Garden FairyGirl:   She seems to be admiring, as well. 

Then out into a patch of sunny lawn---Y'all, this vase is the most-guarded piece in my whole china cabinet.   I got it out in honor of the big bouquet of roses, but it's treated VERY carefully.    Sis had it shipped to me from the Waterford factory on her trip to Ireland.   I think you have to call it a VAAAAAAAAHZZZZZ.

And if I'd known he was gonna wag it all over the back yard, setting it down harum-scarum in the mud and sticks, even out by the old grindstone---I'd prob'ly have had a conniption, but he got some lovely shots.

And a yard-sale haul from Thursday ---it was sitting on the front seat beside him when I went out to meet him at Suppertime.    We DO love the old-fashioned flowers, as well, and good ole hardy petunias are a showy lot---these magentas are about to bust out singing, I think.     There's a "mate" to this across on another shepherd's crook---it's the same color, but just a big cushion of tee-ninecy flowers, from Sweetpea and her Mama and Daddy on Mothers' Day.

We just got the yard pretty-well cleaned up yesterday, and there's SO much more to do.   It was really nice to get the tree-trimmin's hauled off, and the garden circle cut, now that we can tell where all the herbs have come up.      Of course, dragging the big damp patio rug way out into the driveway to dry all day, and having the patio swept and blown---well, you KNOW how that looks after the wind and rain of last night.

But it's a start, and not like you can't get there from here.


LV said...

Those are such pretty roses, they would look nice anywhere you placed them. Great job.

Kouign Aman said...


I have got to get you a pic of the teacup hanging off the tree. i'm hunting for a 'teeninsie' fairy to put in it. Its moved to a smaller and safer tree where the children dont use garden tools to knock down fruit. If the silly jacaranda ever blossoms, the fairies will love it.

Beverly said...

He loves you well, Rachel. The roses are beautiful. I would have been nervous having my Waterford moved to all of those locations for a photo shoot, too, but it was worth it.


Anonymous said...

I like that just because it is June!

Jeanne said...

Hello dear Rachel. Oh those gorgeous roses from Chris are so sweet. You really made me laugh when you gave your special vaaaaahzzzz to Chris for the roses. I have visions of him running all around with the roses and your treasure taking photos. Yikes. I guess you would have mentioned if a disaster had befallen your precious Waterford vase from your sister. The photos are precious and very special considering the peril the vase was enduring.

We have been running the roads and I realize it is very late but I wanted to thank you for your lovely comments.

So it is cold and my electric blanket is calling my name. Cheri' is going into her heated bed in her crate and staring us down. She wants to go to bed too. Mostly because she gets a cookie when she goes to bed. smile. I would like a cookie but we don't have any people cookies. HA!
Goodnight my friend,

Tonja said...

Men! They think glass is glass! But, it is a beautiful Vahze! And, the roses are such a beautiful color. It is so beautiful to me to see roses in differing colors. My favorites are the yellow with the orange around the top. These beautiful colors almost make the red ones look sad.
Well, enjoy them. And, yes, I could just bury my face in them!!!

Kim S. said...

Gorgeous! I love roses and wish so much that I could grow them. I am gardenally impaired. sigh.