Friday, June 24, 2011


My Kitchen Greeting included a Yellow Rose of Texas this morning, for Sis will be arriving tomorrow for a visit.    We hope to just sit in the patio breeze with endless pots of coffee and pitchers of tea, and just catch up.    We've both vowed that it's OK to retreat and read in the shade, or go take a nap.

She's escaping the 108 temperatures, and so our unusually-cool temperatures (64 right now) will be a soothing solace for her visit.  

We'll probably be out of pocket for a bit---nothing planned, no schedule at all---but that's the nicest kind of restful visit.    And we may both check in for a post---who knows?   She knows delightful stories and has a wicked sense of humor, so we'll just see what we shall see.

Right now, I'm heading up to get fresh linens on the guest-room bed, and then go make Paminna Cheese.

If that's all I accomplish, that's a start.


Chesapeake said...

Great for her to escape the heat (I'd like to do that right now as well!), and for you to have her wonderful company. Do enjoy each other, and tell her we said hey!

Keetha said...

Ya'll have a wonderful time!

My mother has a high school friend, now living in Portland, Oregon, in for a visit and they are having the best time, getting caught up and all.

Southern Lady said...

What wonderful lagniappe for your sister's visit - 64-degree days! Best wishes to you both for a very restful visit.

Kim Shook said...

Have a wonderful visit, Rachel! I know how much this time with Sis will mean to you!

Tonja said...

Oh, I hope you are having such fun! No one can have the fun that sisters do. So many secrets and little jokes that only you and she know...and only you and she can share. Joy and I have this kind of relationship. She can say things to me that no one else can. Or I'll tell her to beat 'em up! And, she would, too~