Tuesday, August 3, 2010


These are the peas which accompanied the post which was published early this morning. I'm removing it, for it was kinda grumpy and I don't want to let that stand.

Instead, in all my delvings into drawers and closets, etc. today, I've decided to open a box---this one is dated 2005--2006, and I hope to find some of those midnight musings in there which might be of interest---it may be just old silly things, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever, but I'll take a look tonight, and see what falls out.

I've never just flat-out ERASED a post, but this one needed erasing---so, bear with me as I get ready for a double house-lightening---BIG garbage day, and a call from the DAV trucks this week. We'll all feel better for the divesting.

See you soon!!!


Chesapeake said...

Peas look yummy!

Kouign Aman said...

oooh, I dont know from peas. What kind are those?
And what's the point of being the author of the blog, if you cant clean it up once in a while?

Today my husband heard our newly-minted 6 yr old belt out the french syllables and opening notes of the aria he's been practicing: "Vainement" from [i]Le Roi d'Ys[/i]. Right now, she's telling some toy, "I dont thing its a stupid job. After all, I'm the one who chose it."
Maybe you could do a post on 'things overheard'?

racheld said...

Oh, KA!!! I DO adore those!! And the younger/ older the speaker, the more charming/ interesting the words.

I'll bet I could get a whole page out of that! I mean to use some quotations soon---I'm forever picking up sweet or interesting or quaint or down-right funny little snippets. Even one from Chris as we drove home on Sunday.

Here's to NON-stupid jobs---cause we CHOSE 'em!

PS: the peas are listed as Purplehull Crowders; they cook up into nice fat round fellows, brownish, as is their liquor. They're not your Sunday peas, but an everyday Cornbread and Greens pea, with deep flavor and hearty enough to need no meat for seasoning.

My very favorite field pea of all. But don't shell 'em on Saturday night---your hands will look PURPLE for church!

Kat said...

Oh those peas look soooooo good. Wish I had some with some buttered cornbread and a slice of onion...and some sweet tea, of course.


Kim Shook said...

I love crowder peas! Mike and Jess, not so much, so I don't have them often. Those are beauties!

Tonja said...

I didn't see the first post, but I doubt if you were very cranky!

Love me some purple hulls! They are so much easier to shell than the black eyes or zipper peas!