Monday, August 23, 2010


The weekend was a nice one, with a couple of invitations out---we went to a Golden Anniversary Tea in the afternoon on Saturday, and it was so good to see our old friends on their happy milestone day. They were surrounded by their family and a lot of friends, and were just glowing with the happiness of it all.

We went on from there for a bit of birthday shopping for our two littlest Grands, who will both turn three in the next couple of weeks. A few books, a DVD or two, a Tinkerbell doll and some POWER trucks, as well as a pretty little tea set---all plastic, with bowls and plates and “silverware” as well as the pot and cups. We'll have many a late-afternoon Winter tea with those---pretend and real.

On to Chris’ favorite catfish place for dinner---quite a nice one. They have a buffet on Saturday night, and the Southern cookin’ is quite authentic---snap beans cooked down LOW with little cubes of ham and onion, real mac&cheese, baked with crumbs on top, fried chicken and panko-fried shrimp and some quite-nicely-done asparagus in a lemony sauce, as well as a delightful spinach salad on the salad bar---mushrooms and craisins and pine nuts scattered in, and old-fashioned poppyseed dressing. A quiet evening of TV when we returned home.

We met Our Girl and her Mommy and Daddy for brunch yesterday, and enjoyed a leisurely meal; I do think she would have cheerfully come right on home with us. We gave her the Tinkerbell after we ate---last year’s flurry of presents-all-at-once was a bit too much for her, for she’d be so delighted with one thing, only to have it whisked away to open the next. So, she will be getting a few little things along, then an item or two at her party.

On Caro’s days off, she cooks her meals-for-the-week. Most of her Glad-boxes snugged into the fridge hold grilled chicken and tomato sauces and curries and green vegetables and salads, but this is what
she cooked us for supper:

Gorgeous plates of thin, perfectly al dente pasta with a quick sauce of red peppers, mushrooms, and pretty little tender stems of broccolini, every one like a small flower, with a last-minute grating of Parmigiano Reggiano showered on. I love when she holds the microplane up over the plate, and those translucent shreds of cheese, like pale, thin coconut, snow onto the pasta. Sublime.

Another quiet evening at home, and so to the new week. Hope yours is wonderful!


Southern Lady said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend and the beginning of a beautiful week, Rachel. Caro's pasta dish looks and sounds delicious. She should write a recipe book (and include some of yours in it, too).

Tonja said...

smart idea with the gifts!