Friday, August 27, 2010


You know, having children and grandchildren will change your mind and your habits about a lot of things. Not the least of these is the range of household products you seem to adopt when there’s a little one in the house---gentler cleaners, vinegar-rinses, softer scrubs, and then there’s THIS:

We started using it when Our Girl was born, for it was easier just to toss tiny soiled clothes in our washer here, than to send a messy bag home every day. And for this three years, we’ve been doing all our laundry with this same stuff. My grocery list usually has “Pink Top” as one of the items, and we all know what the code means.

I’ve also decreased the coffers of Bath and Body Works and all their plethora of scents and lotions and washes, by jumping ship because I’ve become addicted to the gentle demeanor and soft suds of these:

Though they come in original, vanilla, shea butter, citrus and cucumber/melon, all of which are on the shower ledge, the lavender is my favorite, and I keep a stock of the baby wash and the lotion.

I never DID care for the smell of baby oil or that insipid pink lotion which was all you could buy when my children were babies, but these are delightful and gentle and about a quarter of the price of all those specialty products from the bath stores. Of course, the original item is always in the shower, as well:

Chris swears by the shampoo, and his hair always smells the same as that sweet little-girl head I kiss every time we have the blessing---a soft, clean lavender. I like the shampoo, as well, but every now and then I like to vary it with a stronger type---a REAL shampoo, sorta like a little spa treatment, to keep the follicles on their toes.

We’ll never give up our Safeguard, as long as it’s available, but we’ve completely turned to the Baby Stuff for all our other shower items. What's nicer than the scent of clean babies?


sparrowgrass said...

Long ago, when I was in high school, there was a cologne called 'Love's Babysoft' that smelled just like baby powder, and we all loved it. My best friend's mom told us that she was sure that would keep all the married men away from us.

I understand that better now. The smell of baby powder (or wipes) just makes me want to wash my hands. :)

Tonja said...

I just looking forward to the day that I have a reason to buy this and other 'baby stuff'!

Kim Shook said...

I somehow lost a whole comment here the other day! Oh, well, I'll let you imagine that it was perfect jewel of verbiage! What I really said was that I haven't had a baby in the house in 25 years, but I still keep a bottle of lavender baby oil in the shower - smoothed onto wet skin it beats all expensive lotions and oils I've ever tried. I also keep a trial sized baby powder - mostly for the fragrance!

racheld said...

Babying ourselves is a nice thing, sometimes. I don't think you're meant to be an adult every minute of your life. Sweetpea and I spent a lot of time yesterday blowing bubbles (a LOT of time on my birthday Monday doing the same---I can't remember WHEN we didn't blow bubbles on my birthday).

We also gave a good workout to my Mothers' Day slingshot---whizzing marbles and tiny rocks toward the bell, with a satisfying PING when they connected.

And Tonja---was this projection, knowledge, or just that small, warm sense within yourself when you know a wish is about to come true? I'm looking forward WITH you!!!