Friday, August 13, 2010


Put a few slices of bacon into the microwave on a plate. Make a quick trip out to the tomato vines for a hatful of whatever's ripest.Peel two for Chris; I like mine just as they're made.

What a plateful of beautiful!! This would make a super-salad, just by itself.

That plate of extra-thin, extra-crisp bacon. We both like to crumble it all on top of the tomatoes, before we lay down that Blue Plate-spread top slice of Wonder Bread.

Add a bowl of cold cherries for dessert.

Won't you join us? There's plenty for three.

How could Friday the 13th be any luckier?


Jeanne said...

Hello Rachel, I am finally responding to your comment of this morning. I had a Dr. appointment this morning and slept my afternoon away. So much for visiting all day. I guess I wore myself out and finally gave in to a good rest. This summer has been a bit crazy. I admit it is like most of our summers here in the mountains. Smile.

I scrolled down and caught up with most of your posts. How thrilling to meet Margaret Mead. I would choooose the cream puff too. My mom used to make them for us. She loved to bake. Your bathroom makeover looks great so far. The power of necessity is a good thing. HA!

I am giving your lettuce, bacon, and tomatoes sandwich a new paragraph. I dearly LOVE this combination in a sandwich. In fact I was looking for some bacon today for just the same sandwich. How sad, no bacon. I was so tired I had a bowl of cereal. A poor replacement indeed. Your photos just made me drool. Well, maybe salivate a bit. HA!

I AM so happy to be home and for a change it is quiet around here. No wonder I slept for three hours.

Have a wonderful evening.
Hugs, Jeanne

Chesapeake said...

Rachel, tell Chris one of my new favorite tomatoes is the Costolutto Genovese. We started it from seed from Park Seed, and it is most interesting. Not a Roma type at all, but rather large enough to be called a beefsteak type. It is yellow to red on the top, with the bottom being very red. Peel it and it is orange inside, and of a wondrous old fashioned tomato taste. Ours got a late start this year, but I sure would plant it again next year!

Reader Wil said...

Hi Rachel! Thank you for your colourful and romantic comment on my Bench of the week. Rain and damp air are part of our nature and cannot be missed.
Your lunch looks delicious!

Southern Lady said...

It just doesn't get much better than bacon and tomato sandwiches ... especially with fresh, homegrown tomatoes like yours. Enjoy them while you can ... our Mississippi tomatoes burned up in the fields because of the excessive heat.

Best wishes for a happy and restful weekend.

Reader Wil said...

Yes I think that Daphne du Maurier, who was a tomboy herself, would have been very pleased with you. All her books are captivating and, what's more, she prepared herself very well from an historical point of view. I also like "Frenchman's Creek". We saw it played in the Minacktheatre in Cornwall. A circular theatre near the beach. In the distance we could see the lighthouse, and when it was getting dark, we saw its light beaming over the audience. This was a very pleasant experience.

Tonja said...

I'm on my way...may I have a glass of sweet tea with lemon to go with that?

racheld said...

Oh, you're ALL so welcome!!

I'll sent Chris right out for more tomatoes, and I know there are a coupla pounds of bacon in the fridge!

Sweet tea comin' right up.

racheld said...

OH, Wil!!

Evening theatre in Cornwall!!! With the very skyline as a backdrop---how could it be anything but magical?

What an event, and what a wonderful memory you must have---I can just feel the evening air and the excitement of the audience.

Kim Shook said...

That looks fabulous. We've had some decent tomatoes this summer, but only one GREAT one. One of the nurses at work has an actual FARM and brought a bag of tomatoes in. I made a REAL tomato sandwich the other night - peeled tomato, white bread and a big slop of Duke's on each side. Goodness! It was an over-the-sink-dripping-to-the-elbows blast from the past. I had to let it sit for a couple of minutes midway through and when I got back the juice and mayo and white bread had melded into a gooshy, messy miracle and I realized EXACTLY what Redneck Gazpacho reminds me of and why I instinctively loved it.

sparrowgrass said...

Have you tried baking your bacon--you can put a whole package onto a sheet pan and bake at 400 for 15 or 20 minutes. Easy, no spatters, and any leftovers (as if) can be tucked into a paper towel and frozen in a ziplock.

racheld said...

Our tomatoes are making the earliest exeunt of any crop EVER, even when they fell prey to that evil Walnut Tree.

It's the heat, I suppose, and we haven't had NEARLY the crop as usual. The leaves are withering every day, and no amount of watering will suffice.

So we're sandwiching all we can, and having salads and stuffed and surround Chris favorite Summer Day Supper---Crab Salad on a bed of lettuce and tomato and all the other good things.

And Sparrow---Yes, we bake bacon---in the WINTER. We could heat the HOUSE with that yard-wide oven. We even turn off the PILOTS on this huge old black stove, for even those tiny candle-flames keep those big sheets of cast iron almost at a glow, and it's like being in the room with a HUGE hot black toad, just sitting there heating up the place.

Maggie Norman said...

I do SO wish I could just walk across the street and join you two any day of the week.

racheld said...

How I wish you COULD, Sweetpea!! We need to just get us a buncha acres in a nice moderate-weather place, and get all the Chillun and Grands onto one big compound---a house for every family, not TOO close together.

With a lot of guest quarters. And a Moat.