Thursday, August 12, 2010


There's nothing in life like FRIENDS. And I DO have some wonderful ones. I made a new one just this morning, in fact.

They're there for you, and vice versa, thick and thin and all in between, and those are the sustainments of life which can't be bought or sold or even earned, when it comes down to it.

And sometimes, you just get such a kick out of something one has said or done or written---you just have to share it.

And we've all been here, I think. I know I have with Chris, on both sides of the spectrum, and our spectrum is very colorful indeed.

DO go have a look at this---just ignore that ax murderer part, OK? I'm gonna read it again, too. And hope this chair dries before Chris gets home.


Kim S. said...

I'm honored, Rachel! During every trying experience, I've always consoled myself with this thought: "This is going to make a great story". Now I think: "Can't wait to blog about this!" The more things change...

Southern Lady said...

Thank you for sharing Kim's blog with us, Rachel. I love the way she writes and laughed out loud several times, too. Can't wait to read more!

Beverly said...

Rachel, first of all, thank you for sending me to your friend. Her post spoke to my heart and I laughed aloud.

Where have I been? How did I miss so many of your posts? What is my problem?

I loved each post. I adored and admired Margaret Mead, and my grandmother used to tell me the same thing. And, in no particular order, I want some blueberry yumminess, the bathroon is looking great, you chooose warms my heart, and I am glad we share a love of books.