Saturday, May 22, 2010


We had a special visitor one night last week---he’d been to see us before, last Summer when we took his picture in front of our Fairy Door, and out in the garden with the big bell.

His name is Flat Stanley, the friend of a little girl whose Uncle Dave is also a friend of ours. He is from a big family of Flat Stanleys, whose exploits and travels have been documented by second-graders all over the country. They have posed with Presidents, Princes, Senators, Race Car Drivers, Schoolteachers, Astronauts (one relative even went on a recent shuttle mission), Sports Figures, Television and Movie stars, and in all sorts of national places of interest.

Stanleys begin life as a plain piece of paper, with just a little outline idea of who he will become. The children draw his features, his hair, his clothes, and color in all the details, so, just like all people, no two Flat Stanleys have the same DNA.

The paper pictures are then sent to relatives and friends, to take with them on trips, vacations, adventures, sightseeing, and to any place of interest. Stanleys have had their pictures made scuba diving, ballooning, skydiving, riding cable cars and trains and goats and horses. They have had some wonderful adventures, these guys, and we were glad to hear some of the thrilling tales related by our visitor.

He and his friend Dave came to our house unexpectedly that evening; we’d gone out to a lovely long lunch, and had decided that our annual peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches would be just right for a quiet supper. So PB&J it was---I set out some grapes and some crackers and a little salmon/cheese ball from the fridge, along with some just-cut sticks of cheddar and cucumber, and we had our dinner.

We do not live such an exciting life as Stanley does, but he seemed to enjoy our quiet dinner, as he told us of a recent visit to Detroit, and another to Cincinnati. We had very little to offer in the way of adventure, so we just let Dave make his picture as he participated in our little home activities.

He stood at the old milking stool and milked the cow:

He helped prepare dinner at the Dragonstove:

He helped SockMonkey do the dishes:

He then had a violin lesson on our little Magic Violin. It’s a wonderful instrument---you just think of a song you love, and that’s the one it plays. It even plays Silence---wonderfully calming and sweet, if that’s what you prefer.

Chris told Stanley some of his adventures when he was in the Navy, and he let Stanley stand by the piece of the Rock of Gibraltar that he picked up when he was there. It even looks very much LIKE The Rock, doesn’t it? See the blue sky----See the Sea!! Here’s Stanley, pretending to be the Colossus of Rhodes:

And then, after all that excitement, Stanley was ready for a quiet cup of tea with Tigger, who makes REALLY good tea, with Hunny that he borrows from Pooh.

We really enjoyed our two guests’ visit, and hope the Second-Graders enjoy seeing Stanley’s small adventures at our house.


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Good grief..for a minute there...I forgot Stanley was ...a..paperdoll! I was about to introduce myself.. lol

Jeanne said...

Love your Flat Stanley story Rachel. Quite the adventuresome lad. LOL.

Thank you so much for prayers for little Gabe. I am so worried for him. He is very ill. Our hearts are broken for his family as well. He is in Gods hands.

Going to bed. My usual late comment.

Hugs, Jeanne

Kouign Aman said...

Milking the cow, and the dragon stove! Awesome.

Momgateway said...

How cute.....I hosted Flat Stanley last year too

Kim Shook said...

I know that Stanley has been everywhere there is to go. But I envy his trip to Rachel most of all.