Thursday, May 20, 2010


We planted the tomatoes this morning, before breakfast. GrandBaby Girl arrived in her pajamas, and when her Daddy offered to help her Ganner get all the tomato plants into the pots, she was ready to get out there in the dirt.
We've had SUCH excessive rain that the entire downstairs has been a swamp, with getting out the shop vac and the blowers, putting down great squares of rubber-backed carpet for the little one to walk on, etc. So the sun today was a welcome change, and we dug in the dirt for a bit. Sweetpea and her little snub-nosed green watering can christened each plant with a tiny sprinkle, and then we came in for breakfast.
We got all washed up, and while I was getting everything ready for the table, I set the plate of strawberries on, and handed her the shaker of powdered sugar.
"Sprinkle a little of this all over the strawberries," I said. "You're a GOOD helper when I cook."
And she did her part, with a little neat (comparatively speaking) snowfall of white in clumps and scatters across the plate.
When we all sat down, we noticed that each and every strawberry had a teensy nip taken out of the end. Cook's Treat.
Can't wait for Summer---she REALLY likes tomatoes.


Chesapeake said...

How absolutely wonderful! And I can just see Herself doing it! What a delightful little child she is, and you are such a patient grandmother to deal with her day after day!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

My goodness...where ARE you?? We are dry as the desert here where I am...and the fire season is coming. Still, I wouldn't want that much rain, as much as I love it! :)
My babies are all grown..even the grands...and now the greats are the only little ones. Ahhh...I miss the toddler to youngest is having a second birthday soon... :) Aren't we lucky??

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Racheld...I just want to thank you for missing me. I just found your note on an older precious of you to write that!!
More hugs,

Cape Coop said...

Awww, moments to savor!

Southern Lady said...

Rachel, I'm glad to hear you had some sunshine yesterday. I know you're so tired of mopping and contending with soggy carpets and blowers and stuff. I hope your weekend will be filled with sunshine and you can get out and "dig in the dirt" with your little one.

Avery loves strawberries and tomatoes, too ... except she likes Kool Whip on her strawberries instead of powdered sugar. Gotta love the little "nips" on the tips of the strawberries ... I know that made them taste even sweeter!

Kouign Aman said...

We had our first cherries. Herself claimed them for her own. Memories of last summer - 4 year old girl outside w bag of cherries 5% of her own weight, snuggled down on the path and scarfing them down, looking for all the world like a teenager.

It was good of the grand to test them for you, to be sure they were good enough quality for her family. ;)