Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We've had steady storms and downpours and hardly-a-day-without-rain for what seems months now. We STILL haven't been able to get into that beautifully-tilled garden, now a great round lake, and these boxes of bulbs and baskets of seeds are languishing sadly.

Save for looking out the windows to see if any pairs of unicorns or dodos had been missed before we close the Ark doors, I've been mopping and soaking up damp carpets and trying to steer a lively little girl through the clear, dry paths snaking through most of the downstairs.

I found a few old posts from a recipe/cooking site I used to belong to; even to ME these sound over-the-top. Blame it on the company I kept, I suppose. When someone asked, "How do YOU Gild the Lily in the kitchen?"---I answered.

Sink the back of a spoon into a bowl of hot mashed potatoes, skins on or off; continue making a dozen or so little divots. Gently lay a pat of butter into each, Sprinkle top with crumbled bacon, chopped chives, snowing of cheese. Wait a moment for butter to melt into little golden lakes; carry it carefully to table.

Make a lovely cheeseburger to your own specifications, WITH a nice slice of chilled sweet onion. Garnish plate with about a dozen half-slices of cold crisp onion, which you will segment into crescents. salt lightly and eat crunchcrunch like chips, between bites of juicy burger.

Empty a can of Eagle Brand milk into a microwaveable bowl. Heat one minute, or til steamy. Stir in eight ounces of Valhrona dark, chopped, and a pinch of salt. Leave it alone another minute. Let it rest and get acquainted. Stir briskly until it coalesces into a silken, flowing mass of chocolate, folding back upon itself and beckoning with its shining wiles and enticing fragrance.

Spoon over ice cream. Lick the spoon. Dip fruit. Take a bite. Double dip.

If there are leftovers of the sauce, chill and dip onto parchment by teaspoons. Roll into truffles and do not tell that they're of such humble birth. Or reheat at midnight and eat without ice cream.

Make Stroganoff. Cut a cream cheese into one inch squares. Drop all over top of sauce; cover pot and leave five minutes. Stir cream cheese into sauce.

Do the same for a pot of cooked, drained potatoes; drop in a stick of butter and a whole cream cheese...put lid on, let soften, mash.

Make favorite brownie recipe; add a cup of chopped chocolate and pour into pan, reserving one cup. Stir reserved batter into 1 pack softened cream cheese--drop onto batter, swirl with tip of knife. Bake, cool, frost with chocolate frosting. Pipe lines of lighter or darker frosting on top; feather.

Make burritos, wraps, anything with flour tortillas. Serve with salsa, guacamole and Ranch. Hubby likes homemade "pink" dressing, made with mayo, ketchup, garlic, and a special-recipe vinegar/sugar spice mixture that we make by the quart. He likes it so well I smuggle a bottle of it into Mexican restaurants in my pocket.

Crisp-fry thin-sliced onions; drain, salt, and sprinkle on already-loaded baked potato.

Center bowls of chilled gazpacho with several spoonfuls of lump crabmeat or half a dozen peeled, tails-off shrimp. Center ANY hot soup with a dollop of sour cream, garnish of chives, grated cheese or buttered toast crumbs.

Kindergarten lunch: Give each child a slice of American cheese and to peel and center it in the bottom of an empty soup bowl. Allow them to tear it into fanciful shapes if they wish. Ladle in soup or chili.

On the above cheeseburger I mentioned: Five minutes before sitting down to the table, melt a pat of butter in a skillet, put the two halves of the bun cut-side down, leave for a few minutes to turn golden and crisp.

If doing more than one at a time, lay all tops or bottoms into butter, turn other half cut-side up on top to be heating, let crisp, reverse. We had these tonight, and our two guests kept telling Hubby what delicious burgers he grills. I can keep a secret.


Chesapeake said...

I can feel the pounds piling on...

Keetha said...

One of each, please!

I'm daydreaming about that Eagle Brand milk and Valhrona chocolate. That is pure genuis!

As is the fried onions on a baked potato.

I worked at a little restaurant once where the enchiladas were like this: spoon the shredded chicken mixture down the middle of a flour tortilla. Top with a thin finger of cream cheese. Roll up and place seam side down in a casserole dish. Top with shredded cheddar and heat.

Tonja said...

I love all of these! You are a lady full of talents! I'd like to try every thing you mentioned...especially the ones that relate to chocolate...the onions, you may keep!

Southern Lady said...

I'll take the onions, Rachel ... and Avery and I are going to try that chocolate sauce this weekend. It sounds heavenly!