Wednesday, September 14, 2016


We have been waiting for this lovely weather for a long, long Summer---it’s been HOT and it’s been rainy, but there were so few weekends with pleasant skies for celebrating outdoors..   So we celebrated Sweetpea’s birthday a week late, but it was a wonderful day.   She’d had a sleepover with friends and a dinner out with her other Mammaw and Pappaw the weekend before, plus several soccer games into the mix, so last Sunday was the perfect day.   It was just us five, plus our dear neighbor Honey, who has been a sweet part of her life since she was born.

Rainbows in a glass---I ordered these expandable beads online, because of a recommendation from my friend Tanya.   A couple of hours in water, and they grow to many times their little bb size, with their colours glowing in the sunshine.   When everyone arrived, we set up the little row of glasses and she so-carefully counted three beads into each one, in rainbow order (except for Indigo, so we went straight from blue to purple).   We watched them from time to time, and by the end of the day, they had swelled to jewelly slick marbles in the glass.

Lunch table---I ordered a little pack of rainbow/prancing steed  cloth,  napkins and plates on Amazon, along with a few charming little rubber-ducky unicorns and rainbow candles.   We used the colorful old fifties Melmac for eating and serving most of lunch, and the tee-ninecy “favor cups” hold the most beautiful pearly beads of pastel-coated chocolate, like Gucci M&M’s.   

You know when you cleancleanclean a room, and have nine unrelated items left with nowhere to go, so you just stick them in a drawer?  Well, that’s how all our parties are---days and weeks of planning and ordering and making and preparation and arranging, then when it’s TIME---there’s always extra stuff in the pictures.  

Presents and games.

She made the Unicorn/Pegasus banner herself several weeks before, inking in each figure with shades of teal and blue, and she smiled in delight when she saw it hanging between the trees.

 She mostly chose the menu:  Ganner’s grilled ham, rolls,  bowties and cheese, low-cooked snap beans, and Watergate salad; we also had stuffed eggs, confetti bean salad and lots of green munchy vegetables.  All the photos were quick-snapped with phones, and the shade sorta dimmed the colours.

Rainbow cupcakes.   Strawberries, several-colour grapes, and hot fudge dip on the side.

Nine and Ninety.   This pair are the youngest of us all.


bj said...

What a fun time this must have been...and I so love the 9 and 90 picture..just precious.
Happiest belated Birthday wishes to your pretty girl.

BeachGypsy said...

That looks like such a lovely birthday celebration! Just perfect.......delicious food,bright color, fun, family, love and hugs, backyard peace, games, and presents and CUPCAKES OF COURSE! My favorite is the "9 and 90" picture too! Love that pretty banner too

Jeanne said...

Hello my very sweet far away friend. Thank you so much for the email and the comment. I am having a terrible time with my computer and will probably be getting a new one. It is an Apple so it is expensive. We too have had household mechanical problems. A new microwave, dishwasher hanging on by a thread and new storm door for our back door. We replaced the washing machine last year. What is next? Good thing Chris is mechanical. LOL.

The rainbow birthday was adorable. Sweetpea is so cute. Love the nine and ninety pic so much. Chris's ham and all the food made with loving hands looks delish. What is better than rainbow cupcakes? The banner Sweetpea made and everything looks so festive. You know how to put on a party.

We are home watching the Gators on TV in the comfort of our home. I am so glad. However, being at the games is exciting even in the rain and heat.

Yes, Beverly and I have a very special friendship. We will be together a week from next Friday for the day because we are Going to Raleigh to the State Senior Games. Our son and family live in Raleigh and Beverly lives 1/2 hour away in Durham. Can't wait to stay with our son and to visit Beverly. We will fit in Senior Games in the bowling competition. Fun times.

Love you back dear Rachel. I haven't been visiting much either. Mostly because using my computer is a trial of my patience. It is sooooo slow.

Back to the Gator game.
Love and hugs,

A Super Dilettante said...

Dear Rachel,

This is one of the most beautiful and colourful celebration for Sweetpea’s birthday. It sounds and looks like everyone in the party had a marvellous time. Rainbow in the glasses - what a poetic idea. I might have to try that one at home next time. The food looks absolutely delicious. I could have the grilled ham for my supper tonight. The table setting is very cheerful and all the colours uplift my spirit from looking at your photos.

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. I hope you are dancing the night away after your most recent post. I have no talent in dancing and although I love jazz, my favourite is classical. Having said that, I love watching people dance. My grandparents were very good dancer. You see they were taught how to dance, waltz and Charleston at schools. Those were the days....

Wishing you a joyful week,


Southern Lady said...

It was so nice dropping in just in time to wish Sweetpea a belated happy birthday wish. It seems like it was just a year or two ago that we saw her little baby hands working on art projects, and now she's a lovely young lady planning her party! The stuff priceless memories are made of, dear Rachel ...

Beverly said...

It is such an incredible blessing to have your very own Sweetpea, and she is darling. Blessings all around. Blessings of family, friends and love. All answers for happy lives. And, the birthday party is so pretty and colorful. It is definitely a birthday of little girl dreams.

Sending love from me to you.♥

Kim S. said...

Y'all give the BEST parties!