Friday, January 15, 2016


Just taking a quick look back, here on this Ides of January, and it’s been a blurry WHIZ-BANG-WAY-GOLLY-GOSH of a year.

Some great high moments to begin, with TEN of the chillun and GRANDS gathered for New Year’s Eve, and some quiet, contemplative times, as well as a few overwhelmingly SCARY-AS-IT-GETS days, as Caro was in the hospital this past week.

She’s home, her usual cheery, kind self, as she was the whole time of all those needle-sticks and tests and unending interruptions of rest.  We’re beyond thankful for all the care and the healing and the happy conclusion, and the hope for all of us a quieter, happier second half of this first month of the Whole New Year.

I’m focused on COMFORT today, folks---on clean, comfy clothes for everybody and fresh-changed linens on the beds, and quiet lighting and the glow of my color-changing lights strung all around this still-cluttered, laundry-strewn room. 

  Caro’s all showered and shampooed and settled in her own house upstairs, with some good things on the DVR and her Nook, and the prospect of a simple, quiet supper.

We’re so enervated and “give plumb out,” as my Mammaw would say, I found a bit of cheer and even some toe-tapping in this bit of Happy Music---maybe it’s my Irish roots which keep me smiling, all the way through the curtain-calls.

Moiré non,


donna baker said...

Oh Rachel, I wondered where you were. Glad it's back to normal and hopefully all good days to come.

Susie said...

Racheld, sounds like you had a bit of a rough time. I hope all settles down into peaceful times. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

Chronica Domus said...

What a year it has been what with hospitals and all. Pleased to read that all is as it should be and Caro is in your very good hands. Phew!

Jeanne said...

Hello Rachel, I just realized I commented on your previous post for this post. It is late at night but I am good and awake so no excuses. I have promised myself to be a better friend and blogger in 2016. Now that the holidays are past I am excited to settle in for winter and have more time to sit back and keep up with my dear friends.

Have a wonderful 2016 and keep warm and rested. My best to Caro with prayers for healing.
Much love,

Linda Jennings said...

Glad Caro is home and life is getting back to normal after the holidays!

GSL said...

Happy Belated New Year Darling Rachel! we're right in the middle of an Arttic blast but I cherish them as they help calibrate my senses. I could never live in a place that didn't ever have a spell of extreme cold...makes those first warm Spring days all the more special.
Stay warm and cheerful and a day indoors with Rachel are days the grands will always cherish.