Saturday, March 28, 2015


My PINK today is one of my Valentine roses, which is also the header of my new blog PAXTON PEOPLE---little vignettes and scenes of small-town Southern folks, who are from my memories, my imagination, a combination of the two, and perhaps from wishfuls that I DID know someone like that.

You’ll note that the rose is full-blown, lush with growth, bright with promise and sunshine, and that there is also a blemished bloom; I’d imagine a thorn or two down amongst the greenery, as well.

I hope you’ll drop in sometime---I’ve put up twenty-something of the little glimpses into the people who make up the town, and will be filling it out further as time goes on.

I think you’ll find someone you know, or someone you wish you did, and you’ll always be welcome in Paxton.


Linking today to Beverly’s PINK SATURDAY.


Dorothy said...

Gorgeous Valentine Rose! Somebody loves you!! Now I must visit Paxton People, as I expect lots has happened there since my last visit!

bj said...

a very pretty rose. happy pink sat.

donna baker said...

I will have to drop by Rachel. After having been gone most of the week, it really is hard to read all the posts I've missed. I so wish I was a rosarian, but alas, I have never found a rose that didn't die on me.

GSL said...

Darling Rachel,
I'll be a frequent visitor if often a late arrival as I'm on the go these days but love you are taking your great gifts in this new direction!