Monday, December 30, 2013


The Christmas Eve table---like most everything this season, bright and cheery, but just a tee-ninecy bit slipshod, with a a small degree of forgotten thing to the whole affair---note the other plate still sitting stacked at my place.


The glorious tenderloin Chris marinated and grilled.   It’s been his major request all the years we did parties, and it was absolutely perfect.  (He’s all about the meat, and never has been one to prink about with the niceties, such as wiping down the platter before presentation).   In THIS case, we coulda served this in a cardboard box, and nobody would have cared.


 The table, with salad, potatoes, a little dish of fettucini/Colby for Sweetpea, the tenderloin, and Mother’s little string-bean dish with Asian green beans, cooked down low and savory.

DDIL's splendiferous Cheese Ball.   I’ve been sampling and carving away at it for the week, now, and one day, it made an absolutely superb Grilled Cheese for lunch. 




The salad---super snappy---I admit a too-heavy hand with the Dijon.


The pasta---a nod to many, many seasons past---my Mother always had a dish of macaroni and cheese on the Thanksgiving and Christmas tables.

 Tiny baby Yukons, soft as marshmallows, with a sour cream/butter/salt dressing and the cheese melting as the photo snapped.

Tangy lemon-drop cake with poured fondant.


Slices of the luscious, moist fruitcake which arrived in the mail from Ben and Lil.




Along with two bags of their coveted, sweet candied figs.  I swear, Fauchon would be pea-green.


And up to open presents.  And of that, moire non.


Beverly said...

Rachel, I love Christmas Eve in your home. I did smile at your take on Chris not wiping the platter, but I am with you on it was the tasty dishes that counted. It all looks delicious!

I never realized that macaroni and cheese was a holiday meal staple in so much of the south. It was not something that was on our family holiday table, but I have met so many that always served it. And, I do love some good m&c.

Wishing you and your family a new year filled with joy and peace. You are a joy in my life.♥ said...

I laughed out loud at the"te-ninecy bit shipslod" That is the way everything I do now a days turns out! Happy New Year!

Kim S. said...

I just finished lunch, but I know I could manage a slice of that gorgeous beast!

Chesapeake said...

Oh, YUM, from here!