Saturday, June 23, 2012


When the heat of the day has wilted your energy and left even your imagination at low ebb, Wander here, Wander Here.

Take the shady path, through the gate, out and around beside the water, past the magic gazing ball in the marjoram---the exotic fragrance rising with each sandal-step.

A small, hopeful sunbeam ignites the white silk of a Peace Lily bloom beside the lane. 

Perhaps fortune will allow us a glimpse of a small fairy, deep in the wood,  before she flees at the sound of our steps.

And as we stroll around the circle and near home again, take your rest, take your ease, and listen to the birdsong.

And to complete the concert, linger beneath the silver web for  more ethereal music, like a gossamer CD spinning out the haunting notes of a Glass Harp:


Patsy said...

That was beautiful!

Chesapeake said...

Love Sweetpea's outfit.

Both beautiful and poetic, Rachel. You do have such a way with words.

steelersandstartrek said...

That little fairy has never slipped through our fairy door.

Or has she? She seems nimble enough to slip in, enjoy some honey and fairy tea, and slip away again.

hmmmm. I will have to be more vigilant in spying for her.

Southern Lady said...

Oh, what a treat for a hot and humid Sunday afternoon! Your "fairy garden" looks so green and cool and inviting, and your little angel fairy is lovely. Thank you for sharing your beautiful way with words and your delightful imagination with us.

bj said...

What a delightful post...I love fairies..and their gardens. :)
Your words are such a delight and an added bonus to some awesome photos.
xo bj

Amber said...

What a beautiful post!! :)

Bev said...

Love it!

Beverly said...

Ah, I have a magic wood, but no precious fairy. Maybe if I close my eyes I will be able to imagine her flitting hither and yon.

Jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Hi Rachel, Visiting you at last. Thank you for your many visits while we were on vacation. I always enjoy your every word.

I think your little fairy is so precious. It makes the whole lovely path and shade look magical. Our family have always believed in fairies. Our mother said fairies were real. We believed her.

The birthday party for your neighbor is so charming and sweet. Who would think to put a candle in donuts. HA! Only you Rachel. The strawberries look so delicious. I love your idea of a good B-day party.

More later dear friend. I am falling asleep for the need of a nap.
Love, Jeanne

Denise :) said...

What a lovely post -- and what an invited space you've pictured!! :)

Kim S. said...

Lovely post, lovely pictures and, oh, that precious fairy!