Friday, January 27, 2012



 A cold, rain-turning-to-ice night like last night called for something from the oven like THIS.   Just the scent of the bubbly sauce and those toasty chip-crumbs lent a warmth and homeyness to the house, and just taking it out of the oven, strolling over to the counter and adding little dabs of kidney bean salad and tiny peas to the plate was almost like being guests .

I'm sorry to resort to OLD posts so often lately, but my ideas to talk about are thin on the ground.   Anything Southern anybody would like to hear/ask/talk about---maybe a recipe I've forgotten to include?   I'd welcome any suggestions, cause it's mostly the thinking-up that stalls me.   You KNOW how I can get going once there's a subject to elaborate on.

Customs?   Idioms?   Old times/new ones---food---places---people?

Any responses welcome.


steelersandstartrek said...

You're sitting in icy rain, and we are somehow in the middle of a false spring..... 67 degrees yesterday, and 60 again today. My Bride is fit to be tied that we haven't had a flake of snow this season, but I could be quite content with sunshine and 60 for a while!

Have a good weekend.

racheld said...

Suddenly sunny, with blue skies and fluffy clouds, as I went out to get the mail. Fuzzypup is enjoying an unusual nap in a pool of sun on the LR floor, with the front door flung wide.

Still COLD.

Untie the Bride and send her to us.

Chesapeake said...

I have never in my married life made a tuna casserole. Himself had waaay too many of them in college, and was a request that I have gladly honored!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Rachel:
Well,our knowledge of the Southern states of America is so pitifully little that you could educate us considerably on any topic of your choosing!

We have had very warm weather here throughout January but we are now promised a BIG FREEZE all the way from Siberia!! Keep warm!!

Kouign Aman said...

We had 'pasta al forno' tonight - aka "baked stuff in a pan" -
a successful makeover of left over adobado burrito filling, spaghetti w mini meatballs,spinach, and eggplant lasagna, all bitted up and mixed and sauced, and topped w more cheese and heated til 'melded' and the cheese was bubbly in the middle and chewy on the edges. I probably shouldnt let anyone know how it was made. They ate it up and I dont want any buyer's remorse. ;)

Hams. Talk about hams? First time I saw hams hanging in a store was on a trip to Tennessee in the 1980s. To me, hams came in cans, or cellowrap. I knew there was another way, but no idea how it would look!

racheld said...


I must confess that my version of "don't make a tuna casserole cause Hubby's fed up with them" is not QUITE the same.

Our circumstance concerns Chris' not ever---EVER having to do dishes, for that was one of his "jobs" all the years his Mom was living away at college. Chores were posted every week, by his Dad the Navy man, and he says he's done them quite enough.

I'd rather eat off paper for eternity than have him get dishpan hands again.

racheld said...

Dear Hattatts,

That's so sweet that you'd like to hear more Southern stuff. You see, I've been such a lifelong Anglophile that I've just soaked up everything about your home I could find, and never stop to think that the rest of the world has not been privy to such customs and language quirks as exist in my small part of ours.

I've been so elaborate in the things I DO talk about,the problem is that I've mostly exhausted my store of SOUTHERN subjects in lo, these eight hundred posts (some WAY too lengthy and elaborate) in the almost-four-years of the blog.

Now, a SIBERIAN FREEZE---that would be something to hear about, from them as lived to tell it!!

Hope you stay well and warm, and I send my best wishes for a quick and easy recovery of your good health!


racheld said...

My dear Treecup Tree Friend,

(We just spoke this morning of the sunny day when we'll climb up and arrange our lovely cups again!)

Your "casserole" or bake or gratin sounds simply scrumptious. I assume the "sauce" was some of whatever originally sauced one of the other dishes. There's just nothing like something bubbling in the oven with lots of cheese melting on top!

And I'd be delighted to "do" a piece on hams---I've shown quite a few pictures from Easter and brunches, etc., for Chris is a master of the grill.

The store-hanging ones, however, I'd probably have to call on my friends in Virginia, for I've never had the experience with one of those "dry" ones like Smithfield, or even the ones at Cracker Barrel, for I've never had occasion to cook one.

Ours are always straight from the grocery the last few decades, though I HAVE been in on the curing and smoking in the past, but those always turned out juicy and pink and tender, in the Deep-South fashion.

Good old Armour just calls my name when ham-time comes; it's WAY more convenient than all that rubbing and smoking and hoping the weather stays dry and cool long enough.

Perhaps soon---thanks for the suggestion.

Tell Herself we'll be hanging her cup again in a place of honor with all the pomp and respect it deserves.


Beverly said...

Rachel, don't you know I'm hungry. You're torturing me.♥♥♥