Saturday, June 12, 2010

AND THE RAIN . . . .

And the Rain said, "Slow DOWN."

The clouds and thunder and rain off and on for the past few days have left us in a muggy, humid (right now downright soaking, as it's coming DOWN out there) place in which I expect Clark Gable and Ava Gardner to appear in Black and White, (she in eternal couturier gowns and he in immaculately-pressed khakis with lots of pockets), sludging through the tendrils of the back garden.

I'm usually awake and up and going at O:Dark Thirty on a party or entertaining day, but I just lay there, one foot companionably looped over Chris' ankle, breathing softly in the whussssh of the fan and the echo of the distant thunder.

Nothing we can do outside. Plans of sunshine and romping children and a pink crepe-paper pinata swinging from a lush tree---gone with the rain. No promise of fair for the day, and if the sun DID emerge, the air feels like more warm water on your skin.

So, we'll set up a small table in here for the food, put the beautiful Princess Castle cake up into the pass-through under the lights, and set two tables with fancy, crinkly cloths and imaginative cardboard plates. And we'll do fine. We all LIKE each other---we like each other's company and nearness and the tumble of children in the floor.

I look on this as a snug, comfy day at our house, everyone laughing and talking and holding squirming or comfortably hugged children, eating the lovely lunch I've made, watching our growing girl blow out her candles, her bright eyes sparkling as she opens her gifts.

Today IS what it is, and since we had birthday cake for breakfast already once this week, and since she's going to her Mammaw's tomorrow for another week, the prospect of a sunny lawn party is still quite promising. I think we mught just send that pinata home with Mammaw for sharing with the cousins down there.

I think this was meant to be---this close, piled-together party with no plan and no great space to spread out in. It's indoors---so what? It's a NICE indoors (if some of my own angels will fold this tableful of laundry and get these toys out of sight when they wake up), and after all, it ain't the worst place to hold a party.

It coulda been Chuck E. Cheese.

I love everybody---see you later.


Justabeachkat said...

Love your attitude and wish I was there in the midst of it all.

You are so right...ANYTHING is better than Chuck E. Cheese! LOL


Kim S. said...

I'm so glad that you have littles to share your life, Rachel. They make birthdays and holidays richer and better and just plain RIGHT!

Jeanne said...

Hi Rachel, Your adventures are so much fun to read. This will be me next week. Rain, rain, go away.I so know all the chaos and FUN you are having.

Forgive for this short comment, I am BUSY!!!Love ya, Jeanne

Keetha said...

Birthday cake for breakfast - that is my kind of visit!

Being indoors with family, even if it means no pinata, that's good stuff.

Love your posts.

Southern Lady said...

You make everything a beautiful adventure, Rachel, and have a magical touch that can turn rainy day lemons into sweet lemonade. It sounds like a good time was had by all ...

Johanna said...

Despite the rain it sounds like you made the most of it. It sounds lovely.

Lisa Paul said...

You had me seeing a beautiful Spanish moss draped and Magnolia smelling Southern fantasy. Until you slapped me in the face with Chuck E. Cheese!

P.S. -- I think the rain must have added lovely atmosphere. I think this party sounds even better than the planned lawn party.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Rainy days, from childhood, have always been my favorites and when I am the happiest. Not sure why this is...but it would never ever spoil a party for me.. :)