Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Our Social Calendar for part of last week---Kit made sure we had every appointment, every place, every item all down, so we wouldn't miss a thing.    The first four pages have all been taken down and saved ---castle-building and paper-dolling and doll-house arranging and Pasta Night and parade and fireworks have been all checked off, but there, amongst the movie and parties and lunch you can see she thought of everything.  

 I'd picked up my journal to look up her Mammaw's number, and the light bill fluttered out---in the flurry of getting ready for company, I'd missed it when I paid the others.    I just offhand waved it toward her and said, "Don't let me forget to call this in," as I would to Chris or Caro.

Later I passed the fridge, and saw that she just made sure and all, giving it the import of all our duties and fun, with a page of its own.

And so we went, and did, and enjoyed---invited by Sweetpea and her Mama to lunch at Culver's and to the movie---and then afterwards, Chris and I took the younger three out for ice cream whilst Gracie and her lovely aunt went mall-shopping and to dinner.  

We came home to great sprinklings of everyone and everything within hose-range and shouts and squeals to all within earshot.  There's something in the air which multiplies the decibel-range of wet, running children to the level of aircraft engines---Radio Free Europe could have heard THAT lot.

Hot dogs and chips and Jiggly Jello for supper, baths and stories and prayers and bed.

Friday was quiet, except for scurryings up and down stairs, for "nine T-shirts for Cal," and "Kit's bathing suit" and a huge white plastic bag of stuffed animals, blankets and Pillow Pets, along with all the other items on the lists tucked into their suitcases.    Gracie did a SUPER job of including everything---I haven't found one missed thing.   

But we didn't miss anything on OUR LIST, let me tell you, and there was lots of lagniappe besides.   We managed to fill every waking minute, and it was wonderful---I hope they remember it in such a bright light as I do.

And, like Barney at the Raleigh "Y" (Two Strips of Bacon, an Egg, Toast and Juice for 35 cents, and Tapioca Night on Thursdays), it was  just Go, Go, Go, All The Time.


Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh how adorable!!

Kouign Aman said...

Oh my yes. That's a great set of lists.
Currently the child and her friend have turned her bedroom into a 'chinese party', complete with different activity stations (labeled) and a schedule of who will be where, when.

Kim Shook said...

It sounds perfectly perfect! I would like a Kit in my life. I wonder how many Kit's I've missed by being busy? I can think of a couple that might have been.

Beverly said...

I know every minute was perfect.♥

DearHelenHartman said...

Well-Moat greeter - so funny! Thanks for the post to cheer my day.