Friday, July 27, 2012


This Saturday is PINK-AND-YELLOW SATURDAY at Beverly’s How Sweet the Sound---for they’re her favorite colors, and this one is her “big” birthday celebration---she implied that it’s one of the “decade” ones (which is occurring for me soon, as well, but of course, I’m WAY older than she, and stick “big bad” onto mine, though I’m just REALLY glad to still be here).   Please click in to enjoy all the colorful charming Pinks, Yellows, and happy wishes to our gracious hostess.

I'm sending her fond wishes and two bits of serendipity I discovered this week:

A beautiful pink rose brought home by Chris more than a week ago had gently aged into the velvety-satin contours of one of the marvelous vintage silk flowers from a long-ago lady’s hat.

I looked at it every time I passed by the breakfast table, smelling it occasionally, burying my face in the fragrance of the cool petals, and just enjoyed its progress from opening bud to the lady-of-a-certain age maturity so beautifully attained by roses and fortunate  women.

And then one day, I looked at the droopy leaves and full-blown, about-to-drop petals, breathing that last, beautiful breath.    I took vase and all into the kitchen, where I pulled the long stem from the water and inserted it into a handy space, way down into the garbage can.

THEN, in a fresh light, I saw the marvel of some alchemy of house and breath and weather outside, of chill moments with the A/C running its heart out, of the variety of rose, the color, the certain amount of the little packet of preserving powder I’d sprinkled into the warm water when the rose came home to us.
 I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures, but I was hesitant to pull the flower back out of the can, for fear it would shatter and the moment be lost.   So you see, there’s our early-morning garbage, from last-night’s-counter-wipe paper towels to other items of no import, save for their soft-focus background of that marvelous rose.

It resembles one which could have graced a stylish young woman’s thirties cloche, a snappy little felt, a sassy brim-turned straw with the rose pinned charmingly askew, or a dear maiden lady’s best church hat, re-styled afresh for another year, with a couple of stitch-holes from the former daisies beneath the new threads holding the rose.

It just looks like a vintage-collector’s Rachel Ashwell Dream of Heaven.   And now it’s gone, but fondly remembered, just like the faded silky ones in the linen-press drawers upstairs. 

Another happy surprise: Good-Luck eggs in the sizzly-butter pan, the only two double-yolks from the dozen Jumbos.   They’re bright as a crayola sun, and were extra delicious, with all that good-luck charm thrown in.

So, Dear Beverly, I wish you silky roses and pink dreams, yolk-sun bright mornings for all your days, and the hopeful shine of a yellow hat with your heroic pink cape.



Tami Kenner said...

What a wonderful birthday post for our hostess!
Happy Yellow & Pink Saturday..xo Tami

RobinfromCA said...

Until I read your post I really thought that was a vintage velvet rose from a hat or brooch. So glad you snapped it before tossing (and I didn't even notice it was in the garbage until I looked closely)!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Susie Jefferson said...

You can't beat a fried egg sandwich - and those double yolks are amazing! And the rose... perfect. Happy Pink Saturday!

joanne said...

lovely aging rose....we should all age so well.....and those fresh double yolks are perfect...

LV said...

What a cute post, but I will take my eggs over well.

Southern Lady said...

What a perfectly lovely way to wind down my day, Rachel. I've always thought that faded roses have a beauty all their own, even when resting atop the morning garbage.

Thank you for sharing its beauty and its sweet story with us.

J.Rye said...

Very pretty! Happy Pink Saturday.

Come join my Color Connection meme, it is also my PINK entry. Hope you join the fun!

chubskulit said...

Just gorgeous! Perfect for Pink Birthday celebration.

PINK at my page, come and see. Have a great weekend.


Lovely and cute post for dear Beverly's new decade. I personally want the double yoke eggs..yummy! Thanks for your sweet and kind visit. Happy Sunday.

Nancy said...

Lovely post, Rachel. The rose was beautiful and the eggs looked so delicious. Really pretty photos and thoughts. Blessings, Nancy

Jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Hello Rachel, A rose is beautiful even in it's last lovely days. Your post is such a sweet tribute to Beverly's birthday pink and yellow Saturday. I completely forgot the yellow because I did my post soooo early in the week. With the grands and our children here I knew time would be an issue. I know she was very pleased with your lovely words as always. Only you would think to relate eggs so pretty with the yellow yolks. So clever and perfect.

Today we woke up without noise and laughter all around. Kind of sad but oh so lovely to have our coffee in peace. Smile.

The tie-dyed shirts are gone and my hubs is grateful they are not hanging over his TV. I loved to view the fun of the pretty colors. They did do them outside thank goodness.

Goodnight my dear faraway friend.
Love, Jeanne

Amber said...

Cute & lovely post! :)

Beverly said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, my dear Rachel. You all made my decade birthday so very special, and as you can see I'm still trying to visit.

Life has thrown in a few diversions of late, but we must learn from all and then move along.

The rose is exquisite, and as you must know, I love roses at all stages. I am often reluctant to pick up the fallen petals from the table.

And, two double yolks. That is indeed a sign of good fortune. Thank you for sharing it with me, and I hope there is plenty to share.

I still celebrating each day, and now I will be wearing a pretty yellow hat and pink cape. I feel so special.♥