Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Doesn’t it just beat all that for every Once Upon a Time, there has to be a witch, dragon, troll, or wicked Sump’n'Nother to mookey up the works?   Of course, for every one of those Bad-Deed-Doers, there’s always a Bad End, and for the Hero and Heroine, the obligatory Happily Ever After.

Even in a castle, home to a whole flock of Princesses and their familiars/ pets/companions, everyday life can be complicated, especially in a WOODEN castle.  And especially if the villain of the piece is a Dragon the size of the Keep.

Scene I:

Dragon strolls by, is welcomed by the Wall-Moat Greeter:

Scene II:

Apparently either glamoured cross-eyed by all that effusive cheer or just not in the mood for seafood,  Dragon moves on to the livestock:

For the sake of keeping our G-Rating, we move quickly to
Scene III:
Cal and Sweetpea had left the supper table early, to go off into kidly pursuits, including digging Dragon out of his cave in the Toy-tub (and him napping after that heavy lunch).

Presently came shouts and cries of dismay, as Cal and Sweetpea came running to show me his finger, buried up to the hilt in the dragon’s mouth.   Though the little teeth are rubber, I first thought that one had snagged his skin and it hurt to pull it free.

But NO---more pointing and shouting revealed that the wily pyrosaur had partaken of a Princessly repast after all, with the tiny underskirts of Cinderella visible WAY down his rubber maw.   She was hung wide-skirts-up so that we could get neither fingers nor tweezers past her ankles, so there was much weeping (the teeth-gnashing had probably been all on the part of the dragon) and crying out for the poor lost Princess...

As I comforted the small ones---especially the tearful owner of said Princess, Big Sissy grabbed the dragon, gave one big bellows-squeeze to his wide mid-section, and Heimliched the doll out two feet onto the recliner.

Great relief and smiles and joy, then the inevitable words, “DO IT AGAIN!” 

I think that perhaps if I hadn’t taken them all outside next day and shown them the joys of slingshot-and-steel-ball to make the bell ring, they’d have been shooting all the little dolls out like carnival cannons all over the yard.


Kouign Aman said...

Now I wanna bell!

Bev said...

Hysterical..big sister to the rescue!

Beverly said...

Eeew! I be feared on eating dragons.

steelersandstartrek said...

Next stop: taking the kids skeet shootin'

Kim Shook said...

Well, of COURSE they wanted to see it again! I want to see it, too!

mississippi artist said...

HAAA! Kids are sooo funny.And aren't they little devils to want to see the princess eaten again-just for their own entertainment.LOL.