Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Chris and I often read little snippets to each other---lines which have caught our fancy, thoughts worth pondering, imagery in words too good not to share.

At the moment we’re both reading Game of Thrones on our NOOKS.

I find the series to be absolutely captivating, with all the wonderful delineations of character and time and place and the flow of words just golden.   I loved Lord of the Rings, but found great spaces of it to be plodding and ponderous.   This one has Tolkien’s imagination, with a masterful hand with words, a stunning eye for people and places and events, and a genius pen that simply FLOWS.

The other day in the dentist’s office, I jotted down a little thought which makes SUCH perfect sense---three words conjuring a pledge and a concept with nothing wanting, nothing to spare.

I wrote it into my little notebook for later remembering, and then last night, while Chris was reading, he said, "Listen to this:  He’s committed, Banner and Blade.”

One of the Lords had asked a friend to join forces with him in a battle soon to ensue, and those were the friend’s   words---commitment of House, Family sigil, all the generations of honourable history and the knights in his command, in that one little utterance.

I’d like to be that unerringly committed to a lot of things---people who need me, people I love, things that need doing, ideals going unfulfilled.   I think a lot about such things, and do what I can as the days march so swiftly from the making of the bed to the taking-down of the pillows, from laundry to meals to dishes to instilling a few ideals of their own into this precious little one we’re responsible for so much of the time, and the others far away, whose visits seem so fleeting and contain so much.   I am no less dedicated to the safety and well-being of MY People than any knight, mailed and helmed.

Taking a deep breath, imagining a wind-whipped banner, snorting destriers, clash of metal, sunglint on armor---I want to get ALL IN in this life I’m living---BANNER AND BLADE.


Anonymous said...

The first time I read Tolkein, I skipped all the poetry and passages I deemed, "crap." I've read the series 3 more times since then and finally read all the poetry and foretelling. It is a work of art, but I'm with you, there are parts that are slow.
I like the "Blade and Banner" motto for committment. Right now I'm working on "Being here. Right here." (I have a tendency to be planning into the next hour, week, or year. Thanks for the heads up on a good read.

Jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Hi Rachel, It feels so good to sit here and respond to you on the same day you commented. Ahhhh, it is so good to be "home where my heart is."

Hmmmmm, the BIG BAD BIRTHDAY huh? Would that be 50 or 60? I don't know what you look like Rachel but I imagine your face to be soft and loving like an angel. I often think about our Blog friendship and wish we could meet one day. There is so much I admire about you and all through the written word.

Make a wish for you BIG day and just maybe it might be a Keurig. It is a budget buster...a fair warning.

The book "Banner and Blade" must go on my list to read. I trust your recommendation any day. Smile. Trust is a beautiful word too.

Love you from far away too,

Kouign Aman said...

Love the writing, LOVE the banner and blade!
Do you have a maggie apron?

On another topic, sending something this week to help w a kitchen remodel in joisey.

racheld said...

Jeanne, YOU FLATTER THE HECK OUT OF ME. And there's probably a bunch.

And I DO look just like round Grandma with a graying bun atop. I'm WAY prettier in imagination than in person. My face must reflect/emit a lot of Love, cause that's how all the GRANDS seem to look at me---with twinkles and smiles. And that lovely word, Trust.

Also---the actual books are GAME OF THRONES---five volumes of them, and I'm on #2. Very GRAFFFFFIC in places, but 99& of the words are like music.

Michelle---e-mailing for an address, OK?

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Racheld, you are so right. IF we could just do it all without the blade..just wave our banners and give out love. No marching to war...no horrible hatred of those not exactly like ourselves. No killing of innocent people. Wouldn't that be lovely?? Am I a dove? Probably. The term brings to mind the 1960's and the sad misunderstanding of those against war. Their frinds were dying. My husband served three tours in Vietnam and one in Korea during that conflict. Also The Bay of Pigs.
I came across a song..a very old song in one of my piano books..and it's called "I didn't raise my son to be a soldier."
My husband went off to war..and so did my eldest son.
Please God, just stop the killing. I have often wondered why mankind is like that...but..alas, he is!
Your post was so interesting..You have family values I can tell.
I will have to look into this Game of Thrones.
I am in the middle of reading "Georgiana." A historical biography from the 17th century about Enland and France, etc. Right about the time of Marie Antonette's death...
I am..enthralled and can't put it down. I am interested to see what your book are all about. War? I am curious.

I just read your above response to a comment..and in my mind I see a young pretty woman in perhaps her late 30's. LOL

Kim S. said...

Kindest, sweetest, lovingest face on all planets, Jeanne!

Unknown said...

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