Saturday, July 21, 2012


I walked past Chris’ big ole popcorn bowl this morning, wondering why it was over in the toy corner (but not at all surprised that it was).  It was a bowlful of bright needfuls---yellows and reds and purples, and crayons to create your OWN hues if you found these lacking.

The tumbled poufs lay scattered on all the solid bits, like fuzzy clown noses strayed into a games closet, but quite at home.   And all the Play-Doh utensils had left the little yellow tub to join the crowd, mingling happily into the mix.

I just took a good look at the no-rhyme-or-reason little jumble, and realized that the reason was quite obvious, and the rhyme scanned perfectly:

In addition to the BRIGHT of the thing, there are tools for crafting and creating, crayons for hours of picture-making, bits of flotsam for creating flowers and animals and bugs.    There are game parts for sharing time with a friend, (and even the prospect of dinner if you like that sort of thing, for I’ve often been presented with a tiny covered pot at tea, and I opened it to find a delicious Cootie-feet soup, made just for me).

They all abide there quite happily (Chris bought two bowls alike), and are just the neatest little morality/life lesson---unlikes abiding side-by, with creativity and nourishment and friendship and the primary-color palette of childhood joy. 

 And just ‘cause it makes you happy.

That’s an ode to something good, if ever there was.


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Cootie-feet soup? LOL Well, ok..:):):)

Jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Good Sunday morning Rachel, I just made my coffee at coffee central and am sitting down to visit on a Sunday morning. In addition 6 of our grandchildren are here and my youngest three children (all in their 40's). I already woke up smiling and your post gave me a good laugh. Children are a study and mostly humor is a big part of how they entertain us. I love this post. Sweetpea is a very clever little thing and she is adorable.
Happy Sunday,
Love, Jeanne

Southern Lady said...

Only you could come up with a formula for world peace in a popcorn bowl, Rachel:

"They all abide there quite happily ... and are just the neatest little morality/life lesson --unlikes abiding side-by, with creativity and nourishment and friendship ..."

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Kim Shook said...

My own BabyBear used to cart around misc. 'stuff' in her backpage when she was just Sweetpea's age and it never occurred to me to make it into poetry. You do beat all, girl. Lovely.