Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The new mum arrived with great expectations---beginning to pop darts of bright color the minute it was set on the outside table, and the container of lush red blooms out front is almost ready for the trip indoors.

The sun is more bashful, mornings, about that first trip across the back lawn,

And the berries on the fence-hedge are brightening, from their copper first-turn:

To the bright red of their softest transparent ripeness, like some Fairy-chef’s delusions of grandeur in pursuit of Jello:

The rose-hips on the hedge-rose, small as match-heads, show their colors amidst their brave tatters, like the too-bright rouge and bitten lipstick of a faded courtesan:

The Fairy Gate---the shape of the arch overgrown and the stones foot-scattered by scampering children, is swung wide in welcome still. The little arbor rack awaits the small hats and shoes and ribbons of our tiniest guests.

Indoors, the Autumn cloths have come out, with a cuddle of shining spoons awaiting guests for a coming birthday:

And as I pursue my own small nestings and arrangings, I wish you all a
---------------------VERY HAPPY FALL!-----------------------------


Southern Lady said...

It looks like Fall has definitely made an appearance in your pretty back yard, Rachel. Nothing says "Fall" like Chrysanthemums, and yours are so lush and pretty. I especially like the Rose Hips. I've admired the expensive faux stems in gift shops, but have never seen real ones until yours. Have fun with your "arrangings. I'll look forward to hearing more about the "coming birthday."

Nail said...

Fall has come everywhere. It's even a little cooler here. I envy you the cool evenings now with pretty leaves and coffee at the football game! This is just my favorite time of year. I even got some Pumpkin Spice Coffee the other day! YUM Love ya bunches!

racheld said...

Y'all!!! It's NINETY! NINE-OH, right now, and expected to go to 95 this p.m. All-time record heat for this day in September.

First day of FALL!! Falling temps would be in order, but not TOOO low just yet. Cooler is good, maybe for about six weeks, before the crispies of frost descend unawares one morning,

And FOOTBALL? We're not sports fans at all, but sometimes on an Autumn Friday night, we can hear the distant echoes of fans yelling and the band playing way out at the high school, when the windows are open and the air's just right.

We've been to one, now and again, just to see and hear and smell the frosty-night Memories of high-school football and all the excitement in the air.

Kim S. said...

I've been eyeing the mums at the grocery store the last couple of days and I noticed that the berries are out on my Pyracantha. Come on FALL! Beautiful pictures - I love the fairy gate!