Tuesday, September 21, 2010


You know I just mentioned that Blog Friends can be For Real Friends. At least the ones I know can be, and are. And now one dear to me has returned from a long time away from Blogging, for her husband was seriously ill, and they took the time off for his treatment and recovery.

I’m so glad to welcome back Lee-Ann of Beautiful Peartree Cottage.

Her sweetheart Rob has had a successful recovery, and among the other lovely things that have happened to them lately is that they were chosen King and Queen of the Kyneton Daffodil Festival. The honor is given each year to a couple who have worked and contributed to the welfare of the community, and Lee-Ann and Rob have always been involved in all sorts of activities beneficial to their area. I know you’ll enjoy seeing their many engagements and activities which are theirs as Guests of Honor.

In this season of Autumn’s approach, and our own winding down into the cold days to come, have a look at Spring arriving in Australia, They look like the pleasantest people you'd ever want to know, and I'm glad I do, if only from halfway around the world.


Pear tree cottage! said...

You honour me dear friend..............in the best way! I am sending a huge hug (RIGHT NOW!!!) (smiles) You are right you know some bloggers would and should be true friends now and always.

So for now and always dear friend thank you from the bottom of my heart.


bennie and patsy said...

I have a friend in Ballarat ,Victoria, Australia her name is Annie and I love to watch her spring garden grow. Australia sure looks like a good place to live.

Jeanne said...

Hi Rachel, I just commented on your last post. I loved your accounting of a special aunt.

I will visit Lee-ann in a minute. Australia is a place I have always wanted to visit. The photo of the pears is exactly how my sister's pear tree looks right now. She has a banner crop and the tree is huge. So much waste because there are just too many this year. I love the name of Lee-ann's Blog. I am glad to meet a new blogger to me. I am also thankful she is able to blog again. She and her dh must very special people to be awarded the honor of king and queen of the festival.

Hugs, Jeanne

Jeanne said...

Rachel, I noticed the difference in your friends name. Is it Lou-ann or Lee-ann? smile
Jeanne, again.

Beverly said...

It looks like I am arriving for a visit just minutes after Jeanne.

Thank you for directing us to your friend. One can never have an excess of good friends. I believe like souls are drawn together.

racheld said...

Thanks, Jeanne!! What a squoof! An old friend Down South is named Lou-Ann, with the hyphen and all just the same, and I think of her every time I open Peartree Cottage!

Do forgive me, Lee-Ann, for giving you the wrong name for a day---hope all is going well way around there in your beautiful Springtime!!

And I'm glad so many of you are dropping by to see that wonderful family.

Keetha said...

That's super. I love the way you introduce us to your readers and blog friends.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Thank you for sharing with me. I am going to head on over and say hello.

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