Saturday, September 11, 2010


I have not the words worthy to speak of this day. Please see Janie's photos: On A Hill Far Away.



Southern Lady said...

Rachel, thank you for linking to my post today. There are no words. Take care, my friend.

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Hi Rachel.

I just came here from Kudzu Keetha's blog.

You left a comment over there on the "cake" post in which you said, "Oh my stars and garters!"

I was sooooo surprised to see that!!! I say that all the time, because my mother used to say it. However, no one ELSE ever says it and it has kinda become my "trademark."

Well, now there are at least TWO of us with the same trademark!

We are "stars and garters" sistas!

racheld said...

It was an honor to be part of your post-chain for such a beautiful, meaningful tribute, Janie.

And KEETHA!! I'm delighted to see you here! I know we're also state-sisters, at least NOW---I wasn't RAISED here, as you can tell.

I've always wondered about the silly little sayings we just blurt out in a moment of surprise or amazement---a dear Aunt used to say, "Oh, my Soul and Body!!" which kinda made more sense.

This may lead to another of those "Southern Speak" posts---I'm gonna look that one up.

So glad to hear from you---please drop in when you can.


Gail said...

We will not forget!

Your header photo is magnificent!

Jeanne said...

Hi Rachel, I went to the link for yesterday and it was a beautiful post. I actually didn't say any words either, just photos. Except a comment about our flag. I read some lovely tributes on 911 but in truth there are no words to describe the anguish of that sad day.

Happy Sunday, what's left of the day. Smile.
Hugs, Jeanne

racheld said...

Gail, so nice to see you here, and Amen to your words. I DO think you might have meant that "magnificent header" for Janie---whose photography graces her pages with magic. Mine's the original one, from 500 posts ago, and was chosen because of its portrayal of all the stages of the thistle's life.

Jeanne, Always so glad to hear from you, Dear Friend. We'll talk more of sunnier days, brighter times, tomorrow.


Kat said...

I know how you feel. Words fail us at times like this.

I will never ever forget.