Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It's getting VERY close to the 500th post, and I'm going to turn the helm over today to my VERY Dear Daughter-in-Law, whose business trip to Washington took her to several nice restaurants.
She knows all about my proclivity for snapping pictures of all the food and table settings right before we sit down, so I was happy (and not surprised) to receive this e-mail:
I hope you all are well. I wanted to write you to tell you about dinner tonight. You are about the only one I know who would appreciate how pretty and good it was. I know you aren't crazy about seafood, but when you are right here on the water, well you have to eat some of it! I love Maryland crab cakes. I guess it was the years of coming to Baltimore for work that got me hooked on them.

We went downstairs to the restaurant here in the hotel/resort. You cross a little bridge to get to the hostess stand. After a few minutes, we were seated. The menu was simple but pricey; good thing it isn't my money! I ordered a crab cake for my appetizer. They brought some warm crusty bread with chive butter...yum!

The crab cake came on a long rectangular plate. It was only one, but nice-sized... probably 2 inches in diameter. It had a smear of something--- not sure what it was exactly. It was orange and about the consistency of cream cheese. I thought it would be spicy because I could see some kind of spice, but it wasn't. Actually it didn't have much of taste or I didn't think so anyway. There were some drops of a beige sauce. It was mayo-based, I think and it was perfect to dip the crab cake in. On the far right was a pile of slivers of carrots and some greens things, but they had been dried out (and they were curly). It was so pretty, I almost got my camera out to take a picture, but I didn't 'cause the restaurant was full.

I ordered "diver scallops" as my main course. It came on a round plate with 5 scallops around the outside, which were warm and nicely browned, with greens in the middle. It was good, even though I think it was dandelion greens (that is what they looked like). There was also a half of a lemon with the screen cloth and a pretty bow. The vinaigrette on the salad was very light and the lemon I squeezed on it was good, too. The scallops were perfectly done and practically melted in your mouth.

Then at the end, the waiter brought a beautiful white and red dish (it was on a pedestal -- it reminded me of a dish you would use to serve nuts or something like that) with blue cotton candy! I was so surprised. There was a table across the way that I had seen with some ( or what I thought was cotton candy), but there were kids at that table so I figured it was on the dessert menu and they had ordered it. I ate a couple of bites just to say I had experienced the whole package!

All in all, it was a very enjoyable dinner. See you tomorrow!

Isn't she sweet? I'm keeping her FOREVER!


Cape Coop said...

That note is as sweet as the cotton candy at the finish of the meal.

Linda Jennings said...

What a sweet DIL!